quinta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2017

Isto pelo menos eu sei

É tudo relativo
bastante subjectivo
Sou boa no que faço
mas não sei o que isso é
E até descobrir não arredo o pé
É talento? É arte?
É paixão? Será possível amar-te?
Reconsiderar cada passo
Faço o que sei e às vezes não sei
o que faço
Trapaceias o destino
E porque pensas que sabes
que não é bem assim
Acabas a rir-te de mim

Ases na mão,
foi-me dada a jogada
Ainda que tentadora a maçã
está envenenada
A sorte está lançada
Não mexi uma palha
mas sinto-me vingada
Ele acha que lhe dou qualquer
crédito ou valor
Na prática nem sei o que
chamar àquele senhor
Pensei em otário ou imbecil,
mas optei por doutor
Esse teu discurso já conheço
de cor
Mas lá vai, mais um encore !

Vais de arrasto, não há motivação
E por isso mesmo cobiças a
minha obstinação
Sou fã da, por mais dolorosa que seja,
Não vivo nada pela metade
Ao contrário de si, vossa majestade
Essa queda é culpa do mundo
Fomos nós que te enterrámos
no fundo
Choras agora pois pensas que nada
mais podes fazer
E nós peões aqui estamos
para te entreter
Pois bem também temos algo a dizer

Não contratuei lealdade,
não vendo amizade
Não distribuo respeito
Nem encho o peito
para apontar defeito
Sou um ser humano,
logo longe de perfeito!
Esse discurso é falácia,
essa conversa é planeada
Digna de alguém que tudo quer
a troco de nada
Eu vejo através da fachada
não gosto de viver enganada
Sai do pedestal, não tens
direito a trono, não és rei
Não és senhor, nem dono
do que sou e sempre serei
isso pelo menos eu sei !


quarta-feira, 25 de outubro de 2017

NoThInG NiCe tO SaY

Teach me how to pray
Lead the way
Preach, what do you
have to say?
Washing the sins off of
their hands
killing in anothers name
there are souls in game
Ten commandments
but you've gone bad
Societies fault you say,
'cause we are all mad !

We made them like that
we patted their back
The pricks, the assholes
of this world
Solemnly believe that
they have the last word

They taught us
don't trust the strangers
Keep your hands off of that candy !
But a heads up about those closer
to us would've come handy !

I'm nuts, yes true
Not perfect, nothing like you
But why do you care
about what I say ?
You'll keep judging me anyway
So just fuck off, and have a
nice day ...

Once again drifting
from the comfort zone
Driving fast towards the
We are so dumb
in a world so numb
And again
I did hold my breath
I suppressed such wrath
Oh we are all mad in here alright
Nasty war, ugly fight
getting critical
You're cynical

We are who we are
always under the circumstances
going back to the same old, same old
be quiet please,
remember that your silence is gold
When you have nothing nice to say
Smile and politely go on your merry way ...


terça-feira, 3 de outubro de 2017

At a table turn

Set the scene
Boy where the hell
have you been?
You taught me well,
became the best you've ever seen
I'm the game's queen
No Princess
in a pink dress
Waiting to be rescued,
in distress
Naaa I was locked in the dark
me and my beating heart
Fell apart
Deep, deep down
lost the crown
But you know what they say
Baby it's the bottom of the pit,
up is the only way

Don't do this at home
it might end badly
Me? I got out alive, completly
mad sadly
Yes I learnt some shit
Nowadays I can no longer
remember how it used to sound, the heartbeat
it's sick
I'm happy though, that's 'bout it
From numb, to half way there
to dead, and not knowing how to care
Not a flying fuck to give,
this was going nowhere
So ...
No ...
Don't you think you can
beat me now
Even if the chance was granted
You wouldn't know how
I know each trick, each move, every play
I chose a different part this time,
I'm done being the prey
No more live bait
Now we've got some bad blood
Your word is dragged through the mud
Not a fool dear,
She's right
There's something to fear
and you can feel it,
it's near
We are moving on,
the show's over,
the crowd is gone
Close the curtains,
tell them thanks on my behalf
Sign my name
for this shall be the last walk of shame ...


segunda-feira, 2 de outubro de 2017

Drained out

Them foxes dear
Chasing us down to the
abyss of every fear
They're too eager,
and we are too dumb if we stay here
We agreed on the escapade,
is it too late ?
Too ambicious, we couldn't
fool fate ...
We bit the bait
and all of this is fake
Down to the root, to it's
very core
I think you already took more
than enough
We were here before
I'm drained out,
my cross to bear
No longer questioning
if it's fair
Never been someone
that would wait around
Could never keep my damn
feet on the ground
We never planned for this to go south
I should've never openned my
damn mouth
Their eyes are set on me, waiting for the
grand finale
Once again I bend backwards to feed
their guilty pleasure
Scavenging in search of a rumored
hidden treasure
But I'll get lost once again
Stuck in that nasty dark pit
Buried to the neck , same deep shit
Yeah captain we are going down
with the ship
All or nothing, place your bet
How does it taste like ?
Go big or go home
Don't worry of course you're not alone
Just say it, go on, can't sleep
Cold sweats, racing heartbeat
We know the drill, that's it
It builds up, the flame get's higher
They call you out,
their sweet liar

The big bad wolf doesn't
blow shit
Red riding hood turned into a beast
Fuck your script
I'll tear your happy ending apart
brick by brick
Bark all you want dear
I hold the pen
I'll write the end and then ...


sexta-feira, 29 de setembro de 2017

King with no reign ( Fate's joke)

It may sound like a bad joke
fate I mean
Slides down your troat 
the sour taste of sin 
It breaks my heart to see
your soul being torn apart
still it takes art
it takes magic, call it voodoo
if you want to
it has a spell on you
You take it, that's all you 
can do 
You enjoy the rain 
endure the pain
Risk it, for what you need
to gain 
King with nothing to reign 
Your blood on their rules, 
such fools
Nor good always prevails, 
but bad also fails 
We had it all, 'till we 
got off the rails 

They say it's karma
I had to love you 
to find out how deep loss
can pierce through 
Star-crossed, born to die 
for a while it was a blissful lie 
So short
So soon 
I can feel it
There's blood on the moon 
flesh in the water, easy prey
I break to my knees, but I 
forgot how to pray
We deal with the pain
forsake misery
Rewrite history
Try to change destiny
But love we are meant to be 
and there's no running from
that dearie 

In love with the different shades
of dark you carry
My heart is heavy
it's just us, we won't dare to 
look around
Our feet far from the ground
it's magic, let's call it that ;
No matter what
I'll always have your back . 

MKS . 

quinta-feira, 28 de setembro de 2017

Let's call it truce

The flame keeps struggling 
against the wind
Against all odds I still sing
I still stand, and amazingly
I realize
that yes even to me it's such a surprise ;
You can never take it away
come what may
through each rainy day
No matter how shattered
the heart gets
no matter how many sour regrets 
I still write, it still flows
Resiliently it still blows
this whole shit apart
it still lives in my heart
Call it talent, call it art
I call it being me
The only one I know
how to be 
ah ah you drove me crazy
never lost the pose, 
the lady
Told you all to go fuck yourselves
and never stopped being right
You never came at me 'cause you 
know you would lose the fight !

I'm just sitting here on my throne
watching as the rain falls
I'm fine on my own,
all alone
but you are trying to get into
my head again
didn't you have enough man?
I won't say I love you 
'cause that wouldn't be true ... 

I may be gone 
but I'm not dead
Yeah I'm clearly still
all over your head 
You took a piece of my heart
I slowly torn yours apart
We are even, let's call it truce 
I'm the Queen, 
you'll remain the deuce 
Now let's just get the fuck
out of here 
turn the lights out
We are too far gone,
there's no doubt
I was the red apple
took a bite
Let it rot
There's no brain
just a nasty knot. 


quarta-feira, 27 de setembro de 2017

I said Bitch ...

Bitch! Don't you flip
the switch on me !
I said bitch,
You stink darling
that much is true
What kind of human being
are you?
Nevermind I just don't care
I've done that, I've been there
I won't stretch a hand,
not even a finger dear
You got yourself here,
get out of your own shit by
yourself, are we clear?
I'll change this whole scenario
pretty fast
I should've known that this
wouldn't last
I didn't see shit, nor say it, nor
heard it, 'cause I don't give a fuck
So do us a favor and shut the hell up ...

I'm not that cute,
Don't feel like playing games
Won't stoop to your level
and throw around the blames
Bare-naked, there's not much to hide
You should've never had tried to
steal my pride
Wisdom also means facing the shit
you have done
Sometimes words are as lethal as the
cold steal gun
if you stepped on them on your way up
then you haven't exactly won !

After all these years
it's so sad to see
That you still don't know me
You are as basic as one can be
Rethink those choices, honestly
As far as you know, you only
have this opportunity
it's about time to start takin' it seriously
The killer in me
told me not to spare your life dearie
So you just won a second chance
use it wisely
silly ...