sábado, 28 de fevereiro de 2015

Go ahead and just die

I burnt my hair yesterday
while trying to light my joint
After this what is there left to say? ( ah ah ah)

I'm a scarecrow today
Scaring your dreams away
I was dancing in the rain
They were staring, sure as hell,
that I'm insane
I have no heart but I do
have a fried brain
Monkey see, monkey do
That aint me it looks more
like you
This is all in rhyme
I'm just wasting my time
Take a look at me now
I didn't go anywhere or did I?
Mom it happened again, they're
mean and made me cry...
You don't get to ignore me, no, not today
You owe me that much at the end of the day

How can a lightning
strike twice?
Come on now God! Play nice...
I hate what I do,
I do what I hate
They do look at me
like I'm the universe's worst mistake!
We are all the same, live bait!
itsy bitsy spider just went down
the drain
Ushhh now, no more pain!
Brain dead
Can't leave the bed
I was happy 'till someone
took all I had
You made me this way
This demon that you can't cast away
Not even if you learn how to pray

Bad things happen'
to good people
Good people turn into bad things
I have a bad feeling about
how this will end
Am I that good of a friend?
Do I trully understand?
Sometimes I wish I was like you
and bury my head in the sand
It's all good
in the hood
The world is just fine
We didn't cross any kind of line
Nope, no amends needed
No going back
We are not losing it, no,
nothing like that
People get dumber by
the minute
But it's okay
'Cause this is all doomed to
go to hell one day
So why not today?
And why the fuck do I
bother anyway?
You go ahead and live the lie
You go ahead and just die...



quarta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2015

I think my soulmate is already dead

It all gets scarier
when it comes the night
I'm not, but they want me
to say I'm alright
I guess it's because
they don't have time to worry
And they can't even see
How slowly this is
killing me...
But you're still here
Maybe you just got stronger
Well I don't know
for how much longer
can I fight this,
to keep it away...

I should focus, I should breathe
I ought to go, I must leave
The rain didn't wash all
your bullshit away
Yes we can no longer trust
a rainy day...
You're all searching for
something that may not even exist
But you keep going at it
you do persist...
People promise you all kind
of shit
They lead you to believe that
there's a reason for your heart beat
But what if my role in this world
is more than that?
Even if alone I'm not going to crack!

Come down from your throne
throw this dog a bone
It bleeds inside
So shall I beg for forgiveness?
Will you take away the pain?
Can you ease my mind?
since I'm going insane,
I'll fake the smile
I'll hold on
for a little while
'cause it will never end
so let's say
goodbye my friend

Permanently damaged
gone for good
You said you would
save me
I wish you could...,
So sorry for not
handling it
The way you wanted me to
I'm so lost
That I don't know
what to do...
I better go...

My brain is shutting down,
What I'm asking is, how am I
not high?...



terça-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2015

The lunatics corner

Darling I can only hate you,
No longer know why
Is it because I'm high?
Well I could forgive you, but
I don't even want to try
Honestly... I would love to
see you cry
By the way, you can kiss my
ass goodbye! ( ah ah )

I may be a lunatic,
a complete freak
But at least I'm not
a piece of shit
Worthless bags of meat
I'll destroy your castles brick
by freaking brick
Come on now! Trick or treat?
Can't hide, this is it
I'm throwing a fit
Isn't that what they used to say?
Make up your mind, do you need
me to stay?

I don't understand
tell me friend...
if you pray for the truth
why do you beg me to lie?
And if you want me to go
why can't you say goodbye?
We're building this walls back up
We're locked inside
It was fun wasn't it,
did you enjoy the ride?
It's time to get the fuck off,
I just want to go home
Don't you dare to come near me!
I prefer to be alone
Spare me of your company
for so misery
doesn't need it anymore
Just leave! What are you waiting for?
I can't do this now, no,
not today
I just want to have some peace
is that okay?

God damn it, forgot the script
I'll have to improvise this shit
But well, once it concerns you, I don't like it one bit
All this nonsense got me losing sleep
Yes we know, I'm the damn black sheep
I'm a monster, the one you all created
Yes I was born to be hated,
Madness is that place I like to
call home
Where you are never alone...
No room for you,
it's sold out
Come on leave, don't make me shout!
Beg for your life leech
Come on, let us hear that speech
You are the worst of your kind!
Me? I'm just out of my god damn mind!
They're the lucky ones, lost in their happiness
I try to act normal, put on a nice dress
But I can't hide who I am, a complete mess
I'm going, I'm going, do not stress
But you are still a coward, nevertheless...



sexta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2015

King of make believe

Selfish bastards irritate me
the most, they're hopeless
Welcome to the joy ride, MK,
your hostess,
You should've known better
than to mess with the crazy
What's the matter? Are you scared?
Do you want to turn back baby?
Don't lie, I didn't ask you to do it
Oh you care about me? Very well
prove it!
We are living on a rerun of a really bad show
I don't know about you but I'm
ready to go....

I don't exist dear, it's all in your mind,
Better than this, I'm willing to bet that
you'll never find!
I feel like screaming at the top
of my worn out lungs
Can't understand a word you say
why are you speaking in tongues?
This people are strange, don't want
to leave home
How are you doing? I'm surviving
on my own
You pretending that you care
it's just so not fair
Where will you be my friend?
once we reach the end
Hell never looked this good
the big bad wolf took a chunk
out of Red ridding hood,
You and me both laughing at the curses
that they thrown at the wind
And each word came back to get us,
hurts like a sting
You knew this would happen' and
you sat back, enjoyed the show
Man never thought you would
get that low
only to save your skinny ass
of this fucked up mess
The one you created, at least confess!
I don't want to be the victim, no!! We
should trade parts
I'll be the vindictive Queen of Hearts
Your screams?... music to my ears
I won't fight them now, no, I'll feed
on your fears
I want to tear you, slowly apart
My masterpiece, a work of art!
(You can't do that!)
Stop screaming! let's meet
half way
It's your turn to suffer, my time to play,
You'll be quiet, silent, I don't want to
hear you breathe!
Only once I'm done, I'll be able to leave
I've got more than one trick up
my sleeve
Then tell me, how did it feel?
Leaving in deceive ...
You take care, King of
make believe...



domingo, 15 de fevereiro de 2015

Somewhere else to be

There's a huge gap between us
Which you'll never get
Oh you think you're worse
than me? Wanna bet ?
I might be insane  ( Check!)
But it's easy to get inside
your brain
Not that hard to tell the truth
You just have to go down
to the root,
Can't be bothered to attend to me,
'cause he's beeing chased down
Yes I admit it that's a hell of
an audience you have there clown!
So I came to the conclusion
that you don't need me
Good, I have somewhere else to be!
But before wrapping this up
I want to wish you good luck
'cause I no longer give a fuck,
You want to be left alone? !
Okay, so don't come crying
when you are on your own!

A big thank you for every
unreturned call
For not beeing there to help
me after I fall
You better be scared
'cause I came to kill
I regained my damn free will!
I hope one day you'll be able to
appreciate all that I 've done for you
But man there's only so much
that a person can do,
Thank you for ignoring me,
making me feel like shit
Or better yet, like everyone else,
wasn't that it?
Each time you open your mouth
this shit gets deeper
I came to collect your heart ,
call me Jack the Ripper
All that time I wasted away,
Turned me into this, which is not okay!

You're just spineless, gutless,
You know it's true
God forbids I find someone
like you,
I just don't understand, is this what
weak people do?
They just walk all over you
'cause they can't stand to be
the spitting image of their loss
Well dear we all have to bear
somekind of cross
But we are not the same, no
nothing like it
So save that practiced shit!
You already made me sick!
Taste your own poison,
tell me how you feel like
Come on just a small bite...