sábado, 28 de fevereiro de 2015

Go ahead and just die

I burnt my hair yesterday
while trying to light my joint
After this what is there left to say? ( ah ah ah)

I'm a scarecrow today
Scaring your dreams away
I was dancing in the rain
They were staring, sure as hell,
that I'm insane
I have no heart but I do
have a fried brain
Monkey see, monkey do
That aint me it looks more
like you
This is all in rhyme
I'm just wasting my time
Take a look at me now
I didn't go anywhere or did I?
Mom it happened again, they're
mean and made me cry...
You don't get to ignore me, no, not today
You owe me that much at the end of the day

How can a lightning
strike twice?
Come on now God! Play nice...
I hate what I do,
I do what I hate
They do look at me
like I'm the universe's worst mistake!
We are all the same, live bait!
itsy bitsy spider just went down
the drain
Ushhh now, no more pain!
Brain dead
Can't leave the bed
I was happy 'till someone
took all I had
You made me this way
This demon that you can't cast away
Not even if you learn how to pray

Bad things happen'
to good people
Good people turn into bad things
I have a bad feeling about
how this will end
Am I that good of a friend?
Do I trully understand?
Sometimes I wish I was like you
and bury my head in the sand
It's all good
in the hood
The world is just fine
We didn't cross any kind of line
Nope, no amends needed
No going back
We are not losing it, no,
nothing like that
People get dumber by
the minute
But it's okay
'Cause this is all doomed to
go to hell one day
So why not today?
And why the fuck do I
bother anyway?
You go ahead and live the lie
You go ahead and just die...



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