quarta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2015

I think my soulmate is already dead

It all gets scarier
when it comes the night
I'm not, but they want me
to say I'm alright
I guess it's because
they don't have time to worry
And they can't even see
How slowly this is
killing me...
But you're still here
Maybe you just got stronger
Well I don't know
for how much longer
can I fight this,
to keep it away...

I should focus, I should breathe
I ought to go, I must leave
The rain didn't wash all
your bullshit away
Yes we can no longer trust
a rainy day...
You're all searching for
something that may not even exist
But you keep going at it
you do persist...
People promise you all kind
of shit
They lead you to believe that
there's a reason for your heart beat
But what if my role in this world
is more than that?
Even if alone I'm not going to crack!

Come down from your throne
throw this dog a bone
It bleeds inside
So shall I beg for forgiveness?
Will you take away the pain?
Can you ease my mind?
since I'm going insane,
I'll fake the smile
I'll hold on
for a little while
'cause it will never end
so let's say
goodbye my friend

Permanently damaged
gone for good
You said you would
save me
I wish you could...,
So sorry for not
handling it
The way you wanted me to
I'm so lost
That I don't know
what to do...
I better go...

My brain is shutting down,
What I'm asking is, how am I
not high?...



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