sexta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2015

King of make believe

Selfish bastards irritate me
the most, they're hopeless
Welcome to the joy ride, MK,
your hostess,
You should've known better
than to mess with the crazy
What's the matter? Are you scared?
Do you want to turn back baby?
Don't lie, I didn't ask you to do it
Oh you care about me? Very well
prove it!
We are living on a rerun of a really bad show
I don't know about you but I'm
ready to go....

I don't exist dear, it's all in your mind,
Better than this, I'm willing to bet that
you'll never find!
I feel like screaming at the top
of my worn out lungs
Can't understand a word you say
why are you speaking in tongues?
This people are strange, don't want
to leave home
How are you doing? I'm surviving
on my own
You pretending that you care
it's just so not fair
Where will you be my friend?
once we reach the end
Hell never looked this good
the big bad wolf took a chunk
out of Red ridding hood,
You and me both laughing at the curses
that they thrown at the wind
And each word came back to get us,
hurts like a sting
You knew this would happen' and
you sat back, enjoyed the show
Man never thought you would
get that low
only to save your skinny ass
of this fucked up mess
The one you created, at least confess!
I don't want to be the victim, no!! We
should trade parts
I'll be the vindictive Queen of Hearts
Your screams?... music to my ears
I won't fight them now, no, I'll feed
on your fears
I want to tear you, slowly apart
My masterpiece, a work of art!
(You can't do that!)
Stop screaming! let's meet
half way
It's your turn to suffer, my time to play,
You'll be quiet, silent, I don't want to
hear you breathe!
Only once I'm done, I'll be able to leave
I've got more than one trick up
my sleeve
Then tell me, how did it feel?
Leaving in deceive ...
You take care, King of
make believe...



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