domingo, 15 de fevereiro de 2015

Somewhere else to be

There's a huge gap between us
Which you'll never get
Oh you think you're worse
than me? Wanna bet ?
I might be insane  ( Check!)
But it's easy to get inside
your brain
Not that hard to tell the truth
You just have to go down
to the root,
Can't be bothered to attend to me,
'cause he's beeing chased down
Yes I admit it that's a hell of
an audience you have there clown!
So I came to the conclusion
that you don't need me
Good, I have somewhere else to be!
But before wrapping this up
I want to wish you good luck
'cause I no longer give a fuck,
You want to be left alone? !
Okay, so don't come crying
when you are on your own!

A big thank you for every
unreturned call
For not beeing there to help
me after I fall
You better be scared
'cause I came to kill
I regained my damn free will!
I hope one day you'll be able to
appreciate all that I 've done for you
But man there's only so much
that a person can do,
Thank you for ignoring me,
making me feel like shit
Or better yet, like everyone else,
wasn't that it?
Each time you open your mouth
this shit gets deeper
I came to collect your heart ,
call me Jack the Ripper
All that time I wasted away,
Turned me into this, which is not okay!

You're just spineless, gutless,
You know it's true
God forbids I find someone
like you,
I just don't understand, is this what
weak people do?
They just walk all over you
'cause they can't stand to be
the spitting image of their loss
Well dear we all have to bear
somekind of cross
But we are not the same, no
nothing like it
So save that practiced shit!
You already made me sick!
Taste your own poison,
tell me how you feel like
Come on just a small bite...



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