terça-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2015

The lunatics corner

Darling I can only hate you,
No longer know why
Is it because I'm high?
Well I could forgive you, but
I don't even want to try
Honestly... I would love to
see you cry
By the way, you can kiss my
ass goodbye! ( ah ah )

I may be a lunatic,
a complete freak
But at least I'm not
a piece of shit
Worthless bags of meat
I'll destroy your castles brick
by freaking brick
Come on now! Trick or treat?
Can't hide, this is it
I'm throwing a fit
Isn't that what they used to say?
Make up your mind, do you need
me to stay?

I don't understand
tell me friend...
if you pray for the truth
why do you beg me to lie?
And if you want me to go
why can't you say goodbye?
We're building this walls back up
We're locked inside
It was fun wasn't it,
did you enjoy the ride?
It's time to get the fuck off,
I just want to go home
Don't you dare to come near me!
I prefer to be alone
Spare me of your company
for so misery
doesn't need it anymore
Just leave! What are you waiting for?
I can't do this now, no,
not today
I just want to have some peace
is that okay?

God damn it, forgot the script
I'll have to improvise this shit
But well, once it concerns you, I don't like it one bit
All this nonsense got me losing sleep
Yes we know, I'm the damn black sheep
I'm a monster, the one you all created
Yes I was born to be hated,
Madness is that place I like to
call home
Where you are never alone...
No room for you,
it's sold out
Come on leave, don't make me shout!
Beg for your life leech
Come on, let us hear that speech
You are the worst of your kind!
Me? I'm just out of my god damn mind!
They're the lucky ones, lost in their happiness
I try to act normal, put on a nice dress
But I can't hide who I am, a complete mess
I'm going, I'm going, do not stress
But you are still a coward, nevertheless...



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