domingo, 15 de março de 2015

All aboard the Pineapple Express

Do you think we will ever stop having secrets?
You've gone crazy
haven't you baby?
I take a bow on my favorite stage
it welcomed me at such an early age
petted my rage,
There's a mess in my mind
consensus is imposssible to find;
The castle came crumbling down
The queen forgot all about
her crown
the bed is torn apart
I'm pretty sure he kept my heart
I don't need it eitherway
I don't want to be able to feel
I don't want these scars
I need to heal;
Can't see the floor's color,
there's clothing everywhere
I try to pretend that I do,
but I don't really care
I've accepted the fact that
none of this is fair
But why should I bear?
The weight of this knowledge,
Indeed ignorance is bliss
And I do wish sometimes that I never
tasted your kiss;
but this blunt
the smoke fading
we're on the hunt
they say it's some
good kush
so they push
and whoosh... ( They are gone now)

Chest pain, agony
Is this the last of me?
I puff puff but I no
longer pass
they're all gone it's just
me and the hourglass,
I'm stuck on your monotony
I dread your reality
all the same songs, same chorus,
same rhymes
You turn on the TV, same speeches,
same crimes,
the same old lies
that come with the best suits and neckties,
Knowing that they're taking us out
one by one
So silently, 'cause they never
use the gun
the clothes we wear, the food we eat,
the music we hear
Controlling us by fear,
So this is who I am now
paranoid, as you say, a freak
Yes judge me all you want,
this is pretty much it...


                                                 CREATED BY BILL WATTERSON

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