domingo, 8 de março de 2015

Blank Canvas

So many stories that my
mind chose to forget
So much pain
So much regret
So many bridges
I burnt down
Man, you'll never see
the tears of the clown!
Shot down
Get that frown
out of my sight
I'm the last person
with who you should pick a fight
You're screwed in the head, you're not alright;
I'm a thorn, a spike
A spark, the light
that your darkness swallowed
just for the fun of it
We'll fuck society
I'm sick of this shit!

I hate this fuckin' people
and their fake moral ground
You're killing yourselves
take a look around!
The little fish in the shark tank,
a blood bath
You not shutting up only
increases my wrath!
Ohh poor you that always had everything,
no need of fighting
You dig your way up
through lying
I do try to understand it
every single day
But I can't so I better walk

You see it floating around them
but you can't quite catch it
it's just a bottomless pit
A dead man's cript;
First fact
with your kind of people
I avoy eye contact
it's like I need to be in
complete isolation
Can't stand your voices,
I'll have the alienation
No more drama , no
more frustration
I need a smile, once in a while
'Cause I'm closer to my final destination,
They do say I'm macabre
I don't know if I should be sad
you're all usually so good at telling me
what to do
So let's hear it, say it, let's start with you
Yes you in the corner,
hiding in the shadows like a creep,
Are you happy with that sneak peek?
Not so much right? Yes I can feel it...
I'm falling asleep , can't keep my eyes open
You cannot fix me,
the ones who tried ended up broken
Oh shit man, reality is slipping
away from me
I don't really mind honestly
I much rather continue to be me
And I'm sorry for the lack of sobriety ( ah ah ah)


              I DO NOT OWN ANY RIGHTS OVER THE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES                                                                          CHARACTERS

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