terça-feira, 10 de março de 2015


I fell in love drunk
I fell in love  high
it never works out, and
then I wonder why...

I knew that no matter how hard
I tried this wouldn't last another day
Still it was stronger than me;
They all felt it before, I heard them all say
Wild horses couln't drag me away
Built a castle in the sky,
But still it wasn't enough to make you stay
So now I wander, trying to find
my rightful place
I'm going to take my time though
I'm not in any race...
They don't understand
They rather bury their heads
in the sand,
My brain was puzzled to the point
of me wanting to rip my heart out
we were so full of certainties though
smothered with doubt
can't talk I just want to shout!!

Made me fall so hard, only to watch
me on the ground
Murdered those nasty butterflies so many
times, but can't seem to focus once you're around
And this is a bad song,
my heartbeat sound
we are slaves of this mundane torture,
it's dangerous and tricky
And you fell for it, how silly;
How would it be if the brain and
the heart met halfway
But that's not how they
tend to play, do they?
I'm trapped between this raw passion
and fatal attraction
Reality is a buzzkill
red wine on his lips
stopping that strong power of will
we fall on our knees
we surrender to fate's tease
bow to this basic need, to love
and to be loved back

If you're going to wait around
for something in return
it's just not your turn
What is there left to be done?
Once no one is willing to take all of that that
you're willing to give
Trapped in deceive
aren't we?
What if we leave?
You can just stand back
and watch me burn lover
Was I in love, or was it somekind
of disorder?
And if you dare to ask yourself
what's the worse that can happen
while in search for another,
Don't test it like that
it will backfire and
once the fire is back...
I found out the answer to that
the hardest way
So what else can I say?
The worse that can happen
is losing yourself...



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