quarta-feira, 25 de março de 2015

Caption this

Once upon a dream
we hoped this could last forever
we were young and not that clever,
Some kind of fever
through the body
you all know the beginning of
this story
we were there once, in all
our glory
in all that splendour,
that bright light
still it always results in an
ugly fight
We keep going at it, though we
know something's not right;
I jump at your troat,
you remind me how ugly
I am when I cry
A sick joke
harsh fall, next time I won't
climb that high

We burn every bridge
the end is near
We knew this would happen dear
let's just stop here
let's not wither, nor surrender
to fear
Remember the smile, hold on
to the good times we had
let's forget the craziness
'cause it was not all that bad,
You had my heart
'till we grew apart
you had a true kiss one day
And no one can take that away;

It was a bold move,
never meant to last
the passion that burnt
out too fast,
Once upon a time, once
upon a dream,
'till we got back to reality
no more fun and games,
now there's clarity
and the real world is calling us out
Can you hear them shout?
Yes we are awake, if there was still
any doubt,
Flesh and blood, bumps and bruises
No more space for silly excuses

Caption this
a pinch of hope
a kiss
Your smile
pure bliss
Caption it please;
Light up those candles
let's give into romance
where else but in your arms
for the last dance?



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