terça-feira, 3 de março de 2015

Extra miles

Look at them, just look
at them for fuck sake!
It's not too late
there's still so much at stake
I just love to be society's
very own mistake,
I don't nurse your fears
I wanna see you grow stronger
the end is near it wont
be that much longer,
They got you blinded by
that shiny light
you know how to pay, but
you don't know how to fight!

We are all fucked up in
the head
What they don't say is that,
that's not that bad,
I'm way worse than the monster
under my bed
Oh yes sir, I've gone mad
but don't you be sorry
'cause I'm not sad
This reality of mine is
the best I've ever had;

The smoke is backing away
it doesn't want to stay,
No one does for too long
they get bored with the song,
But the verses keep coming out
Do you prefer I shout?
How low can someone go
About everything you think you know
bust your little show
watching it all go down
front row,
Spill my guts out, bury
you deep
I can take it, I'm
the freak!
Remember? The weirdo,
the outcast, pariah
but the truth is out
there's no denying her
I ran extra miles for you
Is that something that everyone
would do?

Once we're alone with ourselves
and it's time to come clean
we will recognize each mistake,
pay for each sin
Apparently I'm not necessary,
it became a problem
not beeing ordinary,
I applaude your vulgarity
beeing so mundane
while I've gone insane,
Divided myself into thirteen little
pieces, my friends
Each one trully understands
that you are all fucked up, so
sick in the head
still searching for monsters under the bed,
Pretend that I was never here,
this was never said
I'm just mad....



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