sábado, 14 de março de 2015

In memory of all those nights with no stars

Is it okay?
to slow down for a bit
this overload
got me sick,
can no longer
feel my heartbeat
is this my breaking point?
They wont understand
They can't reach their hand
'cause I was the one hitting
a dead end;
You need to give me time
that's the truth
I need to get to the root
of all of this dying
inside of me
So that I can finally be free!

Who am I? A fighter?
or do I quit like all of you?
tell me, is that what I do?
I'm a writer, a poet, in love
with each muse
whom I use and abuse,
I'm the warrior that tends to lose
the major wars, winning those
useless battles on the field
Covered in wounds 'cause I never
wear the shield
Am I a singer do you like my voice?
Will I make it, do I even have that choice?
I doubt that I'm a lover
since I hate a lot these days,
We are surviving through
our own ways
But she doesn't want to
simply survive, she wants to live
calm down baby I know it's hard
just breathe

I'm trying so hard to prove
to the world
that I'm worth it
that I'm the shit,
to leave my mark
to show my art
but will it matter ?
will it make a stand
is the world already
ready to understand?
I hope you got to see me
for who I am, even through the darkest night
We were something out of a movie scene,
you know that right?
My Mr. wrong it wouldn't be the same
without you
And I bet you're aware
that that much is true
I trip on that old mistake
What will they think of me?
And then I go against who I
grew up to be
Or maybe I'm just crazy
Still... I'll do this for me
and for all of them that want to see me fail
To all the haters all hail !!
Well I'm gonna try okay
Now leave me and have a nice day



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