segunda-feira, 16 de março de 2015

In your name...

I have all the weapons I need
already, indeed
I don't need you
so go ahead and leave,
I'm not gonna deal with your shit,
while struggling with my own
'cause you my friend left me all alone,
So I'm sorry if the prince is that
image I've outgrown,
We waited for too long for this shit
was it even worth it?
Now you wonder, now you doubt
now you scream and shout,
This is just too strong
something's wrong,
I'm lost in the plot
Can't sing the damn song
Oh yes I'm high and they're
staring at me
I hate these chains
submitting me
to this absurd society;

I'm normal, you're not
this crazyness is all that I've got,
They do love me I know
they do
Some hate me too
I can't figure myself out,
so how can you?
I need to eat
and make it quick
reality is trying a new hit,
I'm not eternal,
I'm weak
I do not need this damn heartbeat
that alone makes me sick
so fragile, so thin
Yeah God is just mean,
Who are you? Where are you?
Do you care?
Hey... I've been thinking
and none of this is fair
They're dying, they kill,
I heard that it's your will
They starve, they rape,
How much more does it take?
Everything here is made of glass
Everything is fake
They're being manipulated,
dying in vain
No one notices history's
biggest stain
And all of this in your name;
An image of paradise, a fear from
hell down under
Your wrath, which is every thunder
You're mad, but not willing to help
out to be true
Nowadays I'm questioning if
the sky is actually blue,
Yes I'm gone for sure,
don't know about you
Save yourself, if there's actually
something you can do...


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