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Insomnia Chapter I

Once upon a time there was a little girl;
she lived on this planet just like all of you. 
Thing is, she wanted adventure; she believed that magic was real. 
She dreamed about dragons, princes on their white horses,
beautiful castles by the sea. 
Spent hours reading those books, 
each one promising a fantastic happy ending.
But like every other girl she grew up, 
which doesn’t mean she gave up on that happily ever after. 
So she kept imagining the day when she would meet the prince charming 
and earn that true love’s kiss.
Everybody tried to warn her that life itself is not that pretty
but she chose to keep believing that good always prevails against evil, 
and that the white knight would show up to rescue her
from the hideous monotony where she was trapped day after day.
As you can start to imagine things didn’t really worked out that way.
Along the years she learned valuable lessons, such as trusting the wrong people, giving all she had getting nothing in return. Even so she never stopped believing in those values in which she was raised.
So she found herself stuck in a nasty world, she learned that most of the times evil wins and the goodness gets forgotten along the way.
Although she knew now that the possibility of finding a true prince was less than zero she never gave up.
This takes us to those ugly toads that she met through out her path.
She never got to taste that mythical true love’s kiss but her heart tasted the hatred, the anger and eventually revenge.
Witnessed masks falling all around, saw that people rarely are who they pretend to be, lies were brought to light.

She got blinded and confused with all that chaos, that darkness that invaded her being. But you know what they usually say, something good always comes from a bad situation. And thanks to this vicious and deformed reality that she was now facing she learned the most important lesson of all, even once you fall you always have to stand up and fight! And so she did, fought well after so many hard falls, sadly even through strength and battling her soul wasn’t able to resist that much damage and got shredded into thirteen little pieces. Each one born out of a heartbreak, out of each mistake, each wrong turn that provided pain, sorrow and tears.
They’re called the Voodoo Dolls, or the thirteen disciples, they are not that strange if you come to think of it, they are her alter-egos, the shadows of her broken soul.
Not happy with the worlds rules and unfair laws, she found them the perfect place to live, or so it seemed.



                                        “The dark realms
                                                   The corners of your soul
                                                        Armors and helms
                                               And in her chest a black hole

                                                       The dreams perish
                                                         The scars shine 
                                                       What was once cherished
                                              Loses against that moonlight of mine

                                                    The decay will surround the land
                                                          Dissecting the brain
                                                     So that you’ll understand
                                                    The reason why each name 
                                                        Carries a nasty stain”  MKS  

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