terça-feira, 10 de março de 2015

Insomnia Chapter II

The attempt to flee this world onto a better one
 didn't turn out exactly how everyone planned it.
Once you get in too deep inside your own mind
 you can create wonderful things, but of course
that if you own a darkened self you are bound to
 face the worst in you.
Insomnia was the name given to the land of the
 Dolls, a magnificent suspended island far from
 everything and everyone, the fact of not being on the
map helps a lot.
At first the thirteen disciples lived in a majestic,
 pompous castle, the one that was dreamt about for
years and years.

Each one had their own bedroom sumptuously decorated; there was a huge and beautiful ballroom, the ceiling was filled with tiny shining stars. 
The dining room was enormous, you could fit over a hundred people in there. It was all a dream come true, it was obvious that every single one of them would want to live there forever and ever. 
Everyone was living happily, far from the mundane sins, greed, hatred and all that chaos that led them to run away. 
But while the days passed and the sun shined bright way up high something happened, something that would change Insomnia forever. 

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