sexta-feira, 13 de março de 2015

Insomnia Chapter III

One of the dolls, the only one that actually
carries the last shred of goodness and
kindness in her, fled to search for the only thing
she felt that was missing in Insomnia. Love.
So Lil' Missy decided to go back to the real world
bearing that very important mission.

Being a natural lover helped her out during the process and she found not a prince but someone she believed to be the rightful king to rule the kingdom next to his Queen. 

                                                  " His eyes 
                                                     bright as a constellation
                                                     His lips 
                                                     Carrying the sweetest temptation 
                                                     Promised never to let go
                                                     Little did you know...

                                                     Held her hand 
                                                     Held her tight
                                                     He seemed to understand
                                                     Vowed that everything would be alright
                                                     And so they went towards Insomnia, 
                                                     under the dim light."- Mks

To be continued....

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