domingo, 15 de março de 2015

Insomnia Chapter IV

The dolls were quite startled by this arrival,
but even so they gave him the benefit of the doubt.
The Queen, known as Bloody Queen, welcomed the
stranger and showed him the entire land.

The greenest fields he had ever see, the translucent lakes, the never ending plantation of fruit trees near the homes of several unique and magical beings, products of a dreamers mind. 
Love is a tricky matter, and his smile same as his gentle ways struck directly the queen's heart.
Since she had been hurt before, and believed that she would never feel anything worthwhile again, that was indeed a shot that she would have to take.
Days went by, and they were now sharing Insomnia, the queen fell more and more in love with her king, giving him the crown so that he would sit next to her on the throne. 

                                                  "Forever is a long time
                                                   The one you would take a bullet for
                                                   is capable of the ugliest crime
                                                   You've been here before

                                                   Treason hurts as hell  
                                                  'Cause it's led by someone
                                                   You thought you knew too well
                                                   But he's not the one

                                                   The blade pierces the small heart
                                                   it bleeds out
                                                   it's torn apart
                                                   The echo of the horrifying shout
                                                   The silence, the fall
                                                   Getting up after we crawl"


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