quinta-feira, 19 de março de 2015

Insomnia Chapter V

I bet you are wondering how the queen fell
in love if she had learned that lesson once.
Funny thing about love no matter how hard
you run away from it, it will chase you down,
there's nowhere to hide.
The queen shared everything with him over the months
specially what she should never had shared in the first place,
her beating heart.
The whole kingdom was shocked to see the queen being taken
down, left on the floor, surrounded by her lost hopes and dreams.
The thief took her heart, same as what we unfortunatly have seen
happening before.
She lost her mind, the thirst for revenge was sickening so the whole kingdom
was now under a frightening black cloud.
The ravishing castle fell down, brick by brick, leaving behind the ruins of a
past once thought as perfect.
The heartbroken dolls were now homeless, and angry at this distorted
happily ever after.

                                   "He promised you the world
                                     But took all you had
                                     silly girl
                                     Now you're just mad" MKS

                                    "The war is at our doors
                                     Pick up your swords
                                     You can feel the rage in our cores
                                     March, march with me
                                     Pay the allegiance to the queen
                                     of Insanity..." MKS

" What was once a beautiful sight
was now swallowed by darkness
           with not even a single shred of light" MKS 

To be continued...

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