terça-feira, 24 de março de 2015

Insomnia chapter VII

Although submerged in a disturbing
silence our hostess still evaluated thoroughly
this whole situation, and deep down she could feel it.
The disaster bound to happen, such resentment can only
lead all of us into that dark corner of our souls.
Even being the first doll to appear Mk still pays her
allegiance to the one and only Queen. And she will fight
besides her if it comes to that, and we all know that it will come to
that sooner or later.
Mk was born when that girl was merely sixteen years old,
indeed she has wonderful stories to tell, yes I was being ironic just now.
Mk witnessed the best and the worst of the crazy ride we have been in.
She bears scars of her own but her passion for each verse that she creates is
bigger than every heartbreak she has ever suffered.
Now that I come to think of it she is actually a pretty good role model for you kids, so pay
attention. Do not ever give up on your dreams, don't ever stop fighting.
you are special and the world will see it when the time's right,
just don't stop believing in yourself.
We now request that Mk drops the pen and gives us a tour through the manor.
Next we have Bloody Queen's royal suite.

To be continued ....

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