quinta-feira, 26 de março de 2015

Insomnia Chapter VIII

Red walls, a golden throne next to
a huge window which would lead to a large balcony.
A round bed, and no sign of any ray of sun thanks to
those dark curtains.
The queen, and ruler of all voodoo dools bowed to
darkness a long time ago, as soon as she was born actually.
This hard fall was not on her plans but getting back up was never
in question.

                                            " Still the ruler
                                              Still wearing the crown
                                              And nothing
                                              Will bring me down

                                              I'm the queen
                                              of this land
                                              What can't you
                                              Torn apart
                                              Surrendered the heart

                                              Now you have awaken
                                              the beast
                                              No longer blinded
                                              by this mist
                                              War is at our doors
                                              let her in
                                              And pay the allegiance
                                              to your queen...."

Of course that her hatred has a serious impact on all the other dolls same as with the entire kingdom,
but those details will be given to you later on.
The last shred of hope that the fake king took from her so violently was indeed the last drop.
Now her only desire is seeing his head on a platter, witnessing him suffer as much as she did, even if that means war on the entire land...
Revenge can be a tricky matter ladies and gentlemen, so beware.
We'll leave the queen plotting now and get back to our journey, unveiling the mysteries of each corner of the dark manor.

                                                To be continued...

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