segunda-feira, 30 de março de 2015

Like that girl in that movie

You got me to feel bad
about myself
Questioning, was it me?
No that cannot be
People like you, were the ones that
drove me crazy
So was it something I did?
He points to the grave I digged
I never thought about it like that
now I did, oh crap....
This smerk
is just a perk
You kicked me out
kicked me down
still the queen,
still hold the crown
still humble
still honest
still wearing that
bullet proof vest;
One shot, two shots
you're down
Are you still gonna make me
laugh clown?

Being true is a burden
that I'll continue to bear
throw your punches at me
like I care!
If you are gonna take me down
make sure I stay there
Me talking shit out
is taking me nowhere
I'm feeding on all of you,
What else would this bruises
be good for?
Can I bitches? Use you like
you did to me
You can only imagine
how fun it will be
I will not solve your shit for you
That's not what friends do
I've been here before
sad thing is
this time it hurt a lot more;
I'm dealing with the sickness in
the world, in me
it's actually pretty scary
they say it's all a conspiracy theory
that I'm not myself lately
but you can't cut my wings just now
I'll learn how to fly, can't figure out
the how
yet, but you the society creeps
still think you can dictate
about what we can accomplish,
and if it's too late
you brain wash them all, and
it's working so far
'cause they have no clue about
who they trully are...

Yes you are just like that girl
in that movie, in that scene
You all should take a bow,
go on and lean
A round of applause,
what a great interpretation
it really caught my frustration
I'm the tick time bomb
ready to blow
Indeed you're right
you should just go...



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