sexta-feira, 6 de março de 2015

Love to hate

Your reality depresses me
You're blind towards the truth
'cause you refuse to see;
I'm the white rabbit
I can pull some stunts
I deserve the credit,
that fake paradise of yours
will crumble down
and when it happens
I don't want to be around
watching all your dreams
on that dirty ground;
Why do you spill your guts like that ?
What makes you think that I've got your back?
I'm insane
in the brain
believe nothing
don't say shit
and duck once
you sense the hit:

I'm no colateral damage
I'm no casualty of war
Forget everything that I told
you before,
You're king of nothing
We're all just bags of meat
You're the scumbag, bad mouthing
them, the pieces of shit
I want to tear your castle down
brick by damn brick
Lambs to the slaughter
following the damn script,
they think they're following the dream,
while falling in the pit,
Yes I'm a weirdo
the lousy freak
but I'm still owner of a
worthy heartbeat;

It's all clear now, there's no God, there's no
There's just right and wrong
And the mankind unable to move
Kept on a leash
Controlled by their speech
Follow your leader, march for the cause
Raise an army, even if you don't know why
'Cause we got too comfortable in
living a lie!

Go to church every sunday
wipe each sin off your body
Erase each chapter, and rewrite
the whole story
Pray hard if you don't
want to go to Hell
they know how to lead you on
and they know it well
it's pretty embarassing,
you taking the walk of shame
we desperately need someone to blame;
We fight for money, for power and greed
the so called Devil's spawn, Lucifer's seed
Naaa we're just a lousy race
doomed to fail
Controlled by the media,
T.V all hail!
if it's there, then it must be true
Oh then it's good, they're gonna save us,
isn't that what they do?
Starting wars in the name of the people,
unaware of each fact
Meanwhile they're wiping
countries off the map!
Blood in the shark tank, I'm not only
losing focus, I'm losing my mind
I'll keep it to myself nevermind,
Sorry to bother
Trouble with the " New world order"
I'm such a nuinsance
a huge mistake
Still real, not a damn fake
I just love to hate!


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