sexta-feira, 20 de março de 2015

Not my first party

Turn the lights on
I'm sick of this charade
Turn the damn lights on
look at this mess you made,
Save that sweet talk for someone
that it is willing to hear
Same as I'm saving this spark
for someone that's worth it dear

I can see perfectly in the dark
You're not gonna bite, you just know
how to bark
I can be sweet, I can be sour
Never enjoyed wasting a minute
let along a whole hour
So talk good, talk fast
We both know that it wont last

Cold heavy rain
The kind that numbs the pain;
I didn't get to sing
those last words to you
Hurt soul
black and blue
there's so much one can do,
Harsh battle, I stood alone
I fought on my own
So who are you to tell me
I'm wrong?
Who are you to request one last song?
Pitch black, oh so dark
But remember, I still own
that spark !

Let me then waste a second to say
That you can keep on following the herd,
go on have a nice day
Me? I wont bow down 'cause
who the fuck are they?
to be dictating about me anyway?
You go ahead and fall on your face
Fall off grace
A disgrace to the race
I'm out of your league and you're
in the wrong place
I rose for good, keep moving on
The scars remain but the names are gone

Boy it's not my first party,
got burnt by that flame many times before
Don't come thinking that I'll be showing love,
such a bore;
Tainted, corrupted
For both our sake
it was getting out of hand
it was getting out of control
ended up selling the soul;
I was just taking care of you baby
losing sleep,
it cuts deep;

Just watch, can't touch
that heart was yours to crush
The random thoughts are the worse
I find myself giving into a smile
for a while,
your manipulated memories, my curse
Safe distance and you know why
That's what happens when you're living a lie
Once you can't face the long due goodbye


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