quinta-feira, 5 de março de 2015

Once at the bottom

You're in shock, you're going to
be alright
I promise you that you'll go
through the night
Happy new year, I'm having a blast
having to face again those ghosts
from the past
You were just fuckin' with me
It hurts like hell
You're just an empty shell
This is it, stand tall
'Cause soldiers like us don't

Well what the fuck?!
Once you're at the bottom
You can only go up
Awww it's complicated
I just wanted to be loved
Ended up beeing hated
of course I'm frustrated
These emotions shit got overrated

I hate you all
As in equal
All the same shit
Come on! Say something! Speak!
I get angrier as the minutes go by
And you know too damn well why
You didn't want to be the one to kiss and tell
but then you thought
Oh what the hell!

No que depender de mim
vamos até ao fim!
I hope you know
where you gonna go
'Cause there's no place for you here
Move along and don't say a word dear
My brain is screaming
Can't wrap my mind
around believing
That you would be scheming
Plotting on everybody's backs
You are the nobodies and this is
just one of the many facts
This show already had too many acts,
Let's cut evil from it's root
There's no warning shot, I'll just shoot
intend to kill
It's not God it's my will

It's a regret
but dear
who cares about that?
You must be feeling so stupid
now aren't you?
So what are you gonna do?
'Cause we are coming for you
Lurking in the dark same as you did
Oh you're gonna beg, you're gonna plead
I'll pretend I believe!
The eyes were bloodshot
in the troat lives a knot
these lies are all that I've got
So the bitch is back, wether
you are ready or not
This is outrageous after all
that I've fought
Priceless, cute indeed
Now it's my turn to
watch you bleed!



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