domingo, 1 de março de 2015

Out of this world

What do I want?
That's actually a good one,
thanks for asking
I want someone as passionate
as me
And of course it's required
a dose of crazy
Someone that is not ashamed
to be holding hands
And more than lovers, we
must be best friends,
Someone that wont run away
At the first sight of a rainy day,
That will be willing to face their
demons, like I do
And of course he has to keep
it true
Beeing supportive, caring
and commited to it
Has to be faithful 'cause I'm
done with all the bullshit

Someone who says it
straight to your face
'cause I've seen many
falling off grace,
Who accepts me for who
I am, not who he wants me to be
'Cause I've tried it, and I wont
change for no one baby,
A lover, an artist, who
can sing along
I'm tired of this same old
The one that doesn't ignore
me, it's like I ceased to exist
I don't want a person only commited
to add me to their fucked up list
I refuse to be one more walk
of shame
Or beeing kept on a tight tame,
I want to see my value beeing
recognized at last
I don't want more of these flames
that burn out too fast;

I want to be your happily ever after
Your damn best chapter
Engraved in your mind, you'll
never be able to forget
I don't want to be sorry that we've met,
I want you to hold me , never to
let go
I want to see them going wild,
after our show
We'll be something like a match
made in heaven
I want to be your star and you
my lucky seven
The prince, the big bad wolf,
the thug, my soulmate
My best side, my favorite song
A true black and white romance not
just one more mistake
Do you think it's too late?
I just lost it, none of this is real
I'm crazy I don't know how I feel;
They're laughing of me right now,
the voices in my head
'Cause now after this, they are
sure that I've gone mad...



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