terça-feira, 24 de março de 2015


Pickin' up the pieces
wrecked that pink dream
Forgotten wishes
how could you be so mean?
I question too much
Won't dare to trust that
raw rush
that innocent sweet crush
We got lost between the lust
your hope was gone same as my trust;
Don't really know how I feel
Can't distinguish between a dream
and what's real;
Not even the whole money in the world,
would be a suitable deal
You're one of a kind
no one compares to you
Hard to believe but it's true
Well that much you know now
I'll survive this even not knowing how;

They talk too much, they speak
too loud
I cannot stand in the croud
Unable to follow the herd,
too proud not to be heard
They do think I'm crazy
Maybe it's true baby,
Pass me the Jack
while we think about that...
Do you still have my back?
'Cause I do believe my mind
is about to crack

They say my brain has to be quiet
Silence! They ask
I've never came across
with a harder task
They won't shut up
They won't calm down
one has a heart, the other holds a crown
One is just mean,
The other is crazy like you've never seen
I juggle with each one
I'm having shitloads of fun!!!!
Come on! Are we done?
Can we take a break?!
My sanity is at stake
Go to bed, go to sleep,
Let me bury this
six feet deep!
No monsters, no demons,
no ghosts, just rest
They do say it's for the best
Why can't I put it to the test?
No voices for a minute,
just peace
No whispers in my hear,
pure bliss
No doubts, no questions,
no fear
Be able to close myh eyes
peacefully, how I miss it dear ...
No nightmares, no dreams,
pitch black
No reruns of that worn out track
'Cause we are done singing that song
The words are all wrong....


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