sexta-feira, 13 de março de 2015

Perfect for me, Ideal for you...

Lil' Missy come on down love! She's signing in
Tell us where the fuck have you been!?!
He seems to care, I give you that
But I'm not sure that he has my back!
Yeah I may seem a lot of work
but I've been meaning to show you how much
I'm worth
I know I'm rough
The world made me this tough;
I fight back, I strike fast
You get caught in that ugly blast
all 'cause someone told me that love
isn't meant to last,
So here I am with feelings for you and
no mask,
You've got a temper and so do I
but you look like a trully nice guy
Then you turn around and make me cry
all I've got left are scars and a big Why???

You got hurt in the past I get that
So did I and no one gave a crap
You felt so alone, your whole world
came crumbling down
But I'm willing to make you my king
and handling you the crown;
We're messed up, tied up to insanity
baby I'm perfect for you and you are
ideal for me
All I want is to take care of you
Hold you close,
His smile, his eyes, his lips
when it comes to you I play for keeps!
Bonnie's out looking for a new Clyde
So can you give me a ride?

I'm a little worried that I might be falling again
What the fuck is wrong with me man?
You light the match, the fire spreads quickly
I'll make it out alive hopefully:
Will my foot rise like in that silly fairytale?
Will everything tremble on an earthquacke scale?
Mountains can be moved away
Are you available to fight for me today?
I'll find out the truth one way or the other
So we might as well be fair before going any further;
I'm so sorry brain, the heart strikes again
But he's not just a guy, he's my man,
I don't want you to go but I can't ask you to stay
And one little smile of yours just makes my day
So stop the torture, tell me what you want from me
If it's not beside you where am I supposed to be?
You have my heart and a gun
Please handle me one...

Lil' Missy everybody ( My foolish romantic self)


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