terça-feira, 31 de março de 2015

Save you a seat

We are all hanging on
the best way we can
But then you come around
thinking that you are the man
Oh well if you want respect
you must earn it
it's not that hard, we've
all done it,
I pay allegiance only to
myself, don't trust the world
your actions got stronger
than your weak word;
You can kick me down
but I'll keep coming back
unlike you I don't quit, I'm
going to put myself on the map!
We are never going to be alike,
that's the most important fact
so next time please try not to
forget that!

Look me in the eyes
feed me all those lies
Amazing, he still tries !
You're weak, you're low
and from nowhere
where do you plan to go?
All of this is just for show
You're aware of the deep shit
you're in, but you act like you
don't know

They'll keep walking all over you,
'cause you are dead meat
Get angry now, 'cause the shoe does fit
you're not just a blissful ignorant
you are also a damn prick
how unbelievable is this shit?
You can't talk, you just spit
all that venom, that poisonous reality
Come on, no one's buying it honestly
How little do you think of me?
What are they going to say at your
funeral? Wait, will anyone show up?
'cause I'm willing to bet
that the majority will not give a fuck !
Do you think they'll have a speech?
I don't really believe that,
what good things can you actually say
about someone so full of crap?!
And let's just leave it to that
throw the dirt, close the story
He had his moments of glory
while he dreamt about meaning something,
when he was worth shit
Never realized where it went wrong
while watching it fall apart brick
by brick
Damn it,
Get better, get well
we'll see each other again
save you a seat in hell!!!


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