quinta-feira, 19 de março de 2015

Scaring the pain away

I'm asking for you to bear with me
it's the least you can do
Since I've put up with all your
bullshit, silently,
Preach away
about that
glorious new day
I know, I know
it's coming
it's on it's way,
it's quite funny watching you in
all your wisdom
criticizing yours trully
and still here we are,
and me
I'm actually dying to see
How much better can you be

Once we switch roles it's not
that funny anymore, is it dear?
Put on my shoes and let's see
if you can walk out of here
You do talk big for someone who
still surrenders to fear
No love, this is not the end game
you are nowhere near
You'll continue to walk tall
but only until your next fall
Covered up in mud, drowning
in your own shit
Darling you are soulless
unworthy of that heartbeat
that they willingly dedicate to you
You are a walking talking lie
that much you know it's true,
I shall never worship that ground of yours
Fairytales taught me that the devil fears the cross
but he actually kneels before it
wispering his vicious lies
you are all fools refusing to acknowledge
what's right before your eyes,
it's your mess
Yours to clean, so don't ask me to do it
You sure never fail to impress
well I can also wear a nice dress
go to church, confess
be the pretty vain girl you all wanted me to
but I'll save that acting for you
you've been at it your whole life,
you already know what to do
Me? I improvise, I'm still breathing,
far from that I have no clue

I never acted, the problem was exactly that
Never pretended I actually had your back
Don't really care about all that now
Kept walking, got here, for the life of me
I dont know how,
Thought of you the other day
only to scare the pain away...


                                                    CREATED BY JOHN R. DILWORTH

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