quarta-feira, 18 de março de 2015

She doesn't give a fuck

Gee... Look at her drinking
that boat is sinking,
You smoke too much
What's with you and the rush?
humm... They don't like what I wear
Everything is wrong starting with my hair
Sometimes I bother to act like I care
but most of the times it's like I'm
not even there !
They dislike my sincerity
but at the end of the day
I'm still me!

You bend to society
I much rather be free !
She is stoned, look at her toothpick legs
She looks happy, I wonder why
poor fool she's living a lie
her luck is waving goodbye
but at least she's giving it a try!
No no way, she wont make it,
that's a certainty
she lives so far from reality
crazy people own ability;
Look at her clothes, look at her boots
She always hangs out with dudes that
look like crooks
do you really think people
will read your books?
Oh I get it now I'm the joke
of the year
well take a good luck at
yourself dear,
I heat them up, so they can
fuck them up
He smiles and says tough luck!
next time duck... stupid
still believing in the cupid...

Funny thing is you don't
know shit about me
you're no friend of mine,
just a known enemy,
Who are you to laugh at
my face?
Who are you to measure
the size of my disgrace?
Who the hell do you think you are?
What the fuck gives you the right to
reopen a scar?
Who are you to teach me what I'm
supposed to feel?
You're the devil proposing
your wicked deal
I don't know who you are,
or who you think I'm supposed to be
But I know you're not the
freekin' boss of me !

She's this, she's that
She,she ,she but she doesn't
give a fuck!
Lost your front page han'
tough luck!

I'm your drug dealer,
your pain healer
some say I'm not much of a friend
but truth be told I'm always
there at the end !


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