segunda-feira, 2 de março de 2015

So much shit going around

When we get to that point of me
not answering you
Not giving a damn about what
you do or not do
Then you worry all you want
it will be too late
Everything you once knew
is now at stake

I'll bet you'll talk about me
as beeing crazy
Lost in all of your insanity
I'll do you  a favor, I'll plead guilty
Now lock me away
So that I don't have to see your face
another day
You could never had predicted
this kind of storm
Yes I'm mad now, getting warm!
Becareful with your next step
Do yourself a favor and remember that
And take this with you, the knife
you left in my back
You are their faithful whore
This is  what I never asked for
So Oh my god  dont't want to hear it!
Shut the fuck up! Can you believe it?
Am I supposed to feel sorry?
for you or that bullshit story

Oh dear such a mess
Never the less
is yours to clean,
I'll be over there trying to
remember where the hell I've been
In what kind of messed up shit
I've been in...
I know exactly how this chorus
should be
Come on give it a go, sing
with me

We don't care, I don't care,
tough luck, life aint fair
Still I don't care, I don't care
at all
Pick yourself up next time
you fall,

Once you find yourself please
be so kind to let me know
I want to be there for this
kind of show
Yes baby I have earned the
privilege to front row!
I don't give a shit if it hurts now,
You created this, do you remember how?
I was fool enough to believe you
could care
Once I turned around guess
who wasn't there
Fought your demons,
while mine became alive
This wasn't a rescue, it
was a suicide,
I got locked in the dark
while you clawed your way out
I snapped, it was like a spark
and the echo of the shout,
I'm still stuck but don't you worry dear
I'll make sure to pay you a visit once
I get out of here!



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