sábado, 7 de março de 2015

That's not how we dance

There's voodoo, there's a hex
The truthful and the nasty Ex'
I lack the status and the ring
There's love and there's me, the
pleasant fling;
A stoners journal 'cause God knows
what I'm going through
I can't trust myself let along
in you,
it's okay to torture my soul
a little bit more
After all I survived it before
Each punch, each hit
Low shot, but yes you're the shit!
I'm Karma's masterpiece
Never the beauty in it
I've awaken the beast
All I wanted was Paradise
and some peace;
I'm my own demons feast
Got badly burnt in the Hell
you put me in
Kept each secret, payed for each sin
still I haven't seen you around
where have you been?

They don't matter
what they say doesn't count
I aint keeping score
But remember how I had
your back before,
You're going to miss that
it's my only assured fact
'cause once you had the best
And you still put it through the test
You're bound to regret
what you threw away
But Hey who am I to say?!...
We're still hanging on, I'm out,
now have a nice day...

Take your time and leave!
Take your time and go!
Take your time but kill this show!!
Beat me up, throw me to the ground
Maybe then I'll be able to feel
something once I come around...



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