quinta-feira, 12 de março de 2015

The intervention - ( 'cause we can't take it anymore)

We intervene
this whole thing got
so obscene!
Man why are you so mean?
You're beeing such an asshole
we're getting worried dear
Oh don't you cry 'cause you're
all alone, I'm right here!
Don't pretend that you're on your
own alright
'cause we've been here for more than
half of the fight
We toasted, night after night
why do you lock yourself in the dark
if you need the light?
Don't blind yourself if you
were given sight

Well the world keeps turning
even if you were left to cry
They couldn't care less if you stay,
or wave goodbye;
The slaps of fate
the laughs of destiny
You actually thought
this was all me ?
I envy your creativity,
One step at a time
'cause cheating the hourglass
is the dumbest crime;
Turned into ruins of a castle and
it's just sad but I do got to
take a stand,
Me evolving means that I'll
rethink each attack
'cause after all you're not
worth all that,

I'll prove the difference
not undermining your existance
I need to stop doing this,
to be a tease
it's simply an intervention
a freak convention
Oh and did I mention?
That I do understand
How it's like to feel you
reached the end?
Feeling that we are just rotting
courpses waiting to die
Well I'm not going to lie
Maybe that's all there is
or maybe not
Uncertainties are all that we've got
Some dreams from the past up
in smoke
So many words left to say
stuck in my troat
But we must let go
and walk away
Why looking back instead
of focusing on the present day?
Why regreting instead of keeping each memory
learning with each story
Closing the chapter that
once made me smile
And of course it will hurt
but only for a little while...



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