quarta-feira, 4 de março de 2015

The unpleasant reminder

Ask me what I think
Man I wont even blink
You go ahead
bump your head
I'll be here once you fall
but I told you so, above it all,
Can't stand this noise
This questions coming at me
It wasn't fair
There we can all agree...

How awesome is that
my current best friend
is actually dead,
Ladies and gentlemen
this is the end,
Why so serious? Baby smile
it only hurts for a little while
Who am I to stand in the way?
If fate is gonna fuck me today
Either way, I'm not sure if I should stay
'Cause they might take it the wrong way
I erased it, I lack the belief
Dressed from head to toes
with this heavy grief
But they think I'm fine,
the perks
of crossing sanity's line
It got messier, it got weird,
right friend?...
Why are you shaking? Take
my hand...

Two train wrecks, doomed to crash
But it's time to clean this mess,
and take out the trash
I got out of it before it was too late
The happily ever after is just bait
What I hold inside I'll never forget
So I wont forgive you, safe bet
It wasn't that long ago
So honestly I don't know....

Oh wait, is it the chase again?
Oh man...
The impossible that you would
love to reach out for
Look at me high as a kite
I don't give a fuck
Step down on my pride to wish
you good luck
I'm not mad, no, nothing like that
I'm just reminding you of every fact...



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