sexta-feira, 13 de março de 2015


It's a human basic need
like hunting to feed
we do bleed
It's kind of magical indeed,
We got used to wish for
everything we desire
we lost that inner
fighting fire
That lamp genie was such a lier!
Or it doesn't have to do with a
lamp, but with a plane
Someone will cross your fingers,
you wish for it, and I'm the one whose insane...
Try to explain
take your time, but how does a plane
in the sky will grant you a wish?
I'm just counting facts, I'm not a bitch
Do you sit around waiting for it to come true?
Isn't there something else you could do?
You're right it's complicated, and I'm not you

Do you have a fairy godmother?
Did she make you a dress?
She waved her wand and
got you rid of all this mess
I'm all ears, do confess;
Did a shooting star
actually made you who you are?
Did you ask for fame, fortune or
Oh I see none of the above...
There are also this bracelets
that grant three wishes one per each knot
Now give me proof, show me what you got,
Maybe it happened to you the same that
happened to me
it's actually kind of funny
I had it around my wrist for too
long so I forgot what I asked for
So now I think it's pretty useless to try it
once more
Don't remember if something actually
came true or not
I doubt it though considering this whole
chaos I still have got

Blow your birthday candles
bite them and ask some shit
it's the same old same old trick
They say it's bad luck if you don't
eat a piece
At last the mystery is solved, that's why
I can't find some peace
I'll eat the whole cake if that means some
luck will come my way
Oh yes I'll even sing at the top of my lungs,
Happy fucking birthday!!!
There's another one
too good to be true
I'm sure it already happened to you,
Someone takes an eyelash off your
face, hold it tight
you wish for whatever, and you have to
choose up or down, isn't that right?
depending on the result you get your
wish or not
For now this is the best the universe has got

Last but not least
there's another theory
behind the mist
So the legend goes like this
each time the clock strikes
the same exact digits
the foolish misfits
beg once more for a twist
and turn
while watching all their
chances burn,
A made up identity
granting wishes out
of sympathy
yeah right
you keep at it
have a good night...

Wish me away
'Cause I don't want to stay
Either way


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