segunda-feira, 9 de março de 2015

Yesterday's mascara

It's messy, I should
clean it
It's tough but we can beat it
And it comes and goes
how long nobody knows
I'm not like you,
You're confusing shit
I do not tend to act like a
complete prick;
Got a couple of screws loose
But that's not an excuse

I don't even know what you are
all talking about
Why do you scream?
Why do you shout?
Don't really care I'm out!
I don't give a damn,
why should I understand?
You don't really stand a
fucking chance
Can't join us in this
The hunter becomes the prey
I'm so sorry got to go, can't stay
Got dreams to chase
You use to had them too
it was just a phase!
Oh look another human!
Oh no, is he talking to me?
Could it be?
Don't want to be here
submitted to your rules
You're all so full of yourselves
what a croud of fools
You march to the beat of
the drums, their tools
I don't really care anymore,
So go ahead and shut the door!

Yesterday's mascara,
a mood dignified of Hell
I smoked one now
everything is well,
They stare 'cause something's wrong
it has been lasting for too long,
This monotony
is killing me,
Why are you smilling?
You're not happy
hold that advise for later
Yes and like your momma said
stay away from the troublemaker,
I'm weird, I'm crazy
I want to rule the world
but I'm too lazy
I have high hopes
since I keep hoping
and smoking
shit everything about shorty is high
motherfuckers I'll touch the sky
or maybe I'm like all of you,
and this is just a lie...
Nobody knows why...


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