quarta-feira, 11 de março de 2015

You can't pet my inner fire

You are supposed to be king
Where the fuck is your crown?
You are looking up
I'm staring down!
Do not insult my
intelligence dear
I chose to be here!
I've got something to
prove to you all
Go ahead and kick me
once I fall
I do not bend the truth
I do not crawl
These claws as you say
will scratch the dirt
I'll live to see another day

This song is stuck on repeat
I for once aint taking
your shit
Fuck that silly reality
Don't dare to tell me how to act
How do you know who am I supposed
to be?
That's just silly
You're all just silly
You know better, oh really...?

There's no encore in this shit
Once you die that's pretty much it
Are you satisfied now that you
pleased everyone?
Can you go now? Are you done?
Are you happy? You're just a phantom, a ghost
Me? I'm insanity's hostess
I'm enjoying the most
I don't folllow your rules
such fools...
I might die with that
joint on my lips
But I'll be with a
smile on my face
'cause I saw art in
all this disgrace
It was sweet, it was sour,
But for a moment there I thought
that I could fly
I actually reached for the sky,
Can't stand living a lie
So I guess we are done bye bye
Farewell world, I guess it's the end
indeed, it was a pleasure my friend

Yo Doc' can I get my prescription now?
I want to get out of my balcony
and I don't really know how
the bed is still torn apart
so is my heart...
I need to walk it off I
aint feeling that good
Somebody is destined to save me
they claim, I wish they could....



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