quarta-feira, 29 de abril de 2015

Why is the artist so sad ?

He came riding his
white horse
Which is rare of course ;
Came filled with promises
in his eyes
they were only lies
But I bought each one
you were in it just for fun,
Now I'm here, trying to
understand what I've done
I pulled the trigger
of this gun
I allowed you in,
I wouldn't let go
There's a whole world inside
of me that I allowed you to know
But it was all for show,
A round of applause
I was a fool for you
None of this was true...

Sand castles that we built
in the air
I went through too much trouble
for someone who will never care
I made you up, you were
never there
Ilusions tend to lead
towards nowhere,
Your wicked plan
worked like a charm
You most certainly
twisted my arm

Are you happy now? Is
this okay?
Will we get to talk it over
one day?
Will I get a closure,
will I turn the page
Do you think love will
prevail over all this rage?
Funny how it all worked out
Don't tell me to calm down
I'll shout !
I'll go crazy ! Nuts, completly insane
And still that won't numb
this pain
You were supposed to handle it,
to understand
You were supposed to be my best friend
But eternity, forever,
call it whatever
burns out quickly when it comes
to it's end
I ended up trying to rescue you
Oh dear I had no clue
But tell me all about the problem
being me and not you
I'm heavy weight, too much of a
burden to bear
You got tired eventually of acting
like you cared...
Wicked of you, wicked indeed
this agony they tend to feed
to the broken hearts, to the
shattered ones
No more fighting over this,
lower your guns
Walking over the
undone chapter
I hope you find what you're
seeking and live happily ever after...



terça-feira, 28 de abril de 2015

On the edge

I'm driving myself crazy wondering where you are
This passion has already driven me too far
I'm on the edge of breaking down
My feet are unable to touch the ground
I'm looking for a particular face in this crowd
My heart's screaming too loud !
Can you hear it? It's beating like a drum
Love came, I wasn't playing stupid I was really dumb
My legs became weak, my chest went numb
I couldn't speak or even put a sentence together
And when it comes to you I'm set on forever !
I knew it was a mistake to fall in love with you
But now that I'm already here what can I do?
Nowadays you can find me curled up in a corner
Missing you, crying over you and not in that exact order
I'm looking like shit, but why bother?
Nobody notices, nobody even cares
About all of those broken promises and empty vows
I'm rambling in this empty house full of memories of the past
Those ghosts once warned me that love isn't meant to last...

Us two? ! There's no way we could ever be just friends
the whole world already knows how this story ends
Nothing but fading feelings and a busted heart
I do believe that it's best for both of us to part
The castle will be nothing but a dusty pile of stones
I'm gonna end up hurt again I can feel it in my bones
Tears will be gone in a certain amount of time
And everybody but me will forget this love crime...

One step right off the cliff
On pursuit of that old what if?
But hope's not gone at least not yet
We all wish what we can't have and underestimate what we get
I dreamt of a prince and fell for a frog
We knew it was love right there on the prolog
Too young to understand too old to believe
Too insecure to risk it and so many goals to achieve
Too proud to give up, too crazy to win
living in my own world, that's where I've been
Love is a funny thing actually, there's a story behind
so many foolishness in his name, and it's trully blind
I tried to shake it off, 'cause I'm definetly not fine
but everytime he smiles I gain strength to fight in order to make him mine
I'm living based on a deadly sin
I envy anyone who stands too close to him
I will remember all of those good moments till the day I die
The same exact day where my last breath is my last try
Loving you one last time before the final goodbye...

MKS - Lil' Missy

domingo, 26 de abril de 2015

Insomnia Capitulo XII

O próximo quarto que teremos o privilégio de
visitar é o que chamamos de ilusão, como costumam
dizer nem tudo é o que parece.
À primeira vista é um simpático e acolhedor quarto
de brincar, cheio de cores nas paredes e bonitos brinquedos
espalhados por todo o lado. O tecto está repleto de estrelas fluorescentes,
o que providencia uma agradável vista, especialmente se nos deitarmos
no beliche de cima.
Está na altura de conhecermos o dono deste quarto tão especial, com vocês
Senhoras e Senhores Mr. Jack-Killa- in- the box.

Aposto que agora estão todos surpresos, e sim ele é um senhor, ainda assim uma voodoo doll.
O Jack é o lado masculino da menina, dona da alma despedaçada, isto aconteceu por uma razão. Ela de facto aprendeu bastante com os homens que cruzaram o seu caminho, por isso mesmo um dos pedaços da sua alma conseguiu moldar-se neste simpático "rapaz". 
Quem me dera  poder dizer-vos que tudo corre pacificamente neste sitio mas isso seria uma terrível mentira. 
Lembrem-se que inicialmente vos disse que as aparências iludem, portanto vamos lá, há de facto algo que partilha o quarto com o Jack, e não é de todo um companheiro de quarto agradável.  
Estão familiarizados com aquela parte do vosso cérebro bastante mázinha que insiste em gritar que não és nem nunca serás bom o suficiente, que nunca vencerás, bem esse personagem tem um nome por estas bandas. O Clown.  

                                                " What have you got that makes you
                                                                        so special?
                                                    What makes you think that you'll 
                                                                    I can make it! 
                                                                   Don't be mean!

                                                                   You're a loser!
                                                               You're going nowhere
                                                               You'll drown in sorrow
                                                                and no one will care 
                                                             Keep trying just for fun
                                                      Nothing! That's what you've won!
                                                           You fool! Keep on believing 
                                                                    if you're willing
                                                             Time's already stealing 
                                                              Each chance from you
                                                                    And guess what
                                                            There's nothing you can do! "

Se te identificas-te com o que escrevi anteriormente só significa que és humano por isso não te preocupes. 
Ainda assim este clown alucinado não é o único aspecto com que tens que te preocupar assim que entrares no quarto. 
O Jack adora montar armadilhas de modo a certificar-se de que ninguém entra no seu território sem o convite adequado. Há sempre uma boa gargalhada garantida especialmente se ele saltar da sua pequena caixa assustando-te de morte. 

                                                           "I'll count to three 
                                                           It's just you and me  
                                                               Care to play?
                                                                 Follow me 
                                                                  This way...

                                                           My room is packed 
                                                                    with toys 
                                                              What a fun time 
                                                                     we'll have 
                                                              We can play hide 
                                                                     and seek
                                                            I can do a magic trick
                                                             I'll rip your heart out 
                                                              In time for you to 
                                                            hear your own shout
                                                            Now close your eyes 
                                                          and pay attention to the  
                                                               bedtime lullabies..."


Insomnia Chapter XII

The next room we'll get to visit it's
what we call an ilusion, as they say appearances
are misleading.
At first sight it's a nice, cozy playroom, full of
colors on the walls and shiny toys all over the place.
The ceiling is full with fluorescent stars which provides
a nice view specially if you get to lie down on the
top bunk bed.
It's time to meet who owns this very special room, with
you ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Jack- killa- in- the box.

I bet you are all surprised now, and yes indeed it's a Mr., still a voodoo doll nevertheless. 
Jack is the manly side of that girl, owner of the shredded soul, this happened for a reason, 
she actually learned a lot from the men who crossed her path so one of the shreds was actually able to mold itself into this nice little guy. 
I wish I could tell you that everything runs smoothly in this place but that would be an awful lie. 
Remember that I told you before that appearances can be tricky so here you go, there's actually something sharing Jack's room with him, and it's not a pleasant roommate believe me. 
Are you familiar with that really mean and obnoxious part of your brain that keeps screaming that you're not good enough nor ever will be, that you'll never make it, well that nasty fellow has a name around here. The clown. 

                                                " What have you got that makes you
                                                                        so special?
                                                    What makes you think that you'll 
                                                                    I can make it! 
                                                                   Don't be mean!

                                                                   You're a loser!
                                                               You're going nowhere
                                                               You'll drown in sorrow
                                                                and no one will care 
                                                             Keep trying just for fun
                                                      Nothing! That's what you've won!
                                                           You fool! Keep on believing 
                                                                    if you're willing
                                                             Time's already stealing 
                                                              Each chance from you
                                                                    And guess what
                                                            There's nothing you can do! "

Well if you related to what I 've written it only means that you are human so don't worry, 
Even so this mad clown is not the only aspect with which you'll need to worry about once you get into the room. 
Jack enjoys setting up traps to make sure that no one gets in his domain without the proper invitation. There's always a good laugh guaranteed, specially if he jumps out of his squared box scaring the hell out of you. 

                                                           "I'll count to three 
                                                           It's just you and me  
                                                               Care to play?
                                                                 Follow me 
                                                                  This way...

                                                           My room is packed 
                                                                    with toys 
                                                              What a fun time 
                                                                     we'll have 
                                                              We can play hide 
                                                                     and seek
                                                            I can do a magic trick
                                                             I'll rip your heart out 
                                                              In time for you to 
                                                            hear your own shout
                                                            Now close your eyes 
                                                          and pay attention to the  
                                                               bedtime lullabies..."

       To be continued ....

sábado, 25 de abril de 2015

Panic room

They keep knocking on my door,
those nasty demons
They always come back for more
Can't quite exorcise these ghosts,
Everyday my brain hosts
A complete massacre, a painful
So much chaos in one single imagination
A paralel universe
A shriller scream in each verse
Not sure if it's a blessing
or a damn curse
Amazingly it can always get worse
So I chose to go big
or go home; all the way
I'm just going to take it
one day
at a time,
I'll be fine...

I'm just fucked up in the head
those monsters are no longer
under my bed
They're right here, driving
me mad
Oh dear this is bad
it's too much and all at once
you're all sorry, does it make a difference?
It stings, it hurts
But it fades
Crazyness has it's perks!

He said, she said, so they told me
And now you're screaming
how the hell can this be?
It's a slap on your face, you
can't outrun karma baby
You have nothing on me
I'm so out of your league;
with so little space on this planet
it's amazing that you're still allowed to breathe
How can you look at yourself
on the mirror?
Spit on that reflexion, is
it getting any clearer?
It's grotesque, the way you
boss everyone around
We won't kiss nor worship
the damn ground
you walk on, you are not holy,
nor sacred
You're not loved, you're hated
you're not our friend, you are
our sworn enemy
You don't scare anybody,
You're just being silly
You'll never see a victory
on this war
You forget how crazy we are
You think you are so smart,
but you forget
How awful is the taste of regret
it's not too late, but you just
don't care
You actually think you're being fair
the whole world is wrong and get
to be right
you and your outstanding insight!
You don't know shit, not even
how to fight!
I pity you, and that's sad alright...



terça-feira, 21 de abril de 2015

Queen with no king

God forgive us all, I admit that I'm
addicted to sin
I'm continually lost, you wonder
where I've been
Vacation in hell, unimaginable tortures
and burning pain
I got to the point I could barely
remember my name
The devil warned me before
that you were a dangerous game
We are two of a kind, exactly the same
So I've got myself as the only one to blame !
There's shattered glass all over the place
The last thing I forgot was your damn face,
I got caught in this senseless maze called love
The cupid's laughing is ass off watching it all
from above
He's never gonna face me , he's sure he'll lose
I collect scars in my heart, he's nothing but
a nasty bruise

I lied still in the fire through aching torments
They made me watch all of our best moments
I got to the point that everytime I closed my eyes
I relived all of those heartbreaking goodbyes
I can never recognize the truth after all these lies
I'm surrounded by doubts and permanent whys
Why do you keep feeding this ilusion?
I got lost in the realms  of confusion
Brought to my knees about to confess
that no matter what, I can't get myself to love you any less

The kingdom is tumbling down
The queen has resigned her crown
Her king is nowhere to be found
I'm losing my mind, I'm far away from the ground
I stand still while the world keeps going around
They keep screaming long live the queen
but I'm a mere shadow of who I've been
The battlefield is soaked in blood
I've lost it all in the name of love ...
White horse my ass, he's obviously a no show
We're not destined to be so I'd better go;
I was pretty sure that you were the missing piece
that true hero carrying that true kiss
Yes I was a fool enough to believe in all of this
Then again here I am commited to this diss
I will regain my throne, and hold my chin up
Why should I care when you obviously don't give a fuck!
Peter Pan you should really consider to grow up
You're without a doubt a case of misfortune and bad luck
So people raise your glasses, baby lift your cup
I'm done fighting over you, so you'd better duck
I won't defend you no more
I'm closing for good this damn door
Go on move along
I'm done trying it to get it right
when it's clearly meant to be wrong
I only ask for forgiveness if this ends up
to be your last song
Against myself I hardly fought
And what do I have got?
Chaos and unhapiness that's all you ever brought
I'm leaving in the morning whether you are ready or not !

Bloody Queen ( MKS )

segunda-feira, 20 de abril de 2015

Fortune teller

Is it a gift or a curse?
What if ignoring it,
won't make it go away
She said I must listen
to what they have to say
it gets complicated
'cause there's too much
in this world that is being
They come to me, filled with hopes
and dreams
But nothing is quite as it seems
they expect me to say
that they'll be rich
if I say it's gonna take a
while I'm a bitch
I might as well save the speech !
You must chose if you
are ready or not
for the kind of truth
that I've got!

Some want fame and fortune,
others love
they're waiting for divine intervention
coming from up above,
Some want to live forever
or to find out if the lovers will stay together,
Some have questions, but run
from the answer
I'm sorry but I can't make it
happen faster;
They start shaking at the
sight of death
they go crazy, releasing all
their wrath
but it's not like that
you're not gonna die
well not now anyways
so let's delay the goodbye;
some get sad  that they don't
get to travel a lot
yes it sucks, but it's all
that I've got
Some can't get satisfied no
matter what you say
So they do prefer to walk away
Destiny is a serious matter
I cannot handle it to you on
a silver platter ;
They wish to find out all
about their luck, testing fate
They're all so filled with hate
Can't understand that following
a script is your worse mistake
Don't mean to alarm you but then
it might be too late,
They desire to know if they'll get married or if he's
if he's gonna stay, or if she'll
be leaving
Whose lying, whose my friend,
Please won't you please go
straight to the end
is there a happily ever after?
Do you at least have access to that chapter?
I don't know , maybe I will
one day
I just don't know if it will be today
And you, do you really want to know?
Will you be okay?
'Cause I struggle with that
every step of the way....



quarta-feira, 15 de abril de 2015


Queen of my imaginary dogtown,
lit my joint
it's a doggy- dog world
so what's the point?
They're feeding us lies
look at her ! She no
longer tries...
Generation fuck up
'cause we still try to bend
our own lousy luck
I do sabotage myself most
of the times, but still
I will never surrender my
power of will
I'm very much aware of what
I'm worth, and at the end of the day
only the true ones, the worthy ones,
will be able to stay,
I don't discriminate
because my hate
is big enough to all of you
So guess what I'll do
I'll share
I do care
I worry, 'cause life's not fair
You said you would be there...

Tell me can you really handle
my dark side?
Didn't think so,
but you're welcome for the ride
Nowadays couldn't care less
come on, just look at this mess
So now I don't give a fuck
about your feelings
that door is shut
so shut the fuck up!
There's a special part of my
hatred saved for mankind
Everything is lost for you
So what can you find?
I've already killed you a
thousand times in my dreams
the sunrise brings you back
day after day
Why can't I just cast you
I gave up on telling you what
I feel
You won't listen anyway...
The debt collectors have come
we must pay
It's too late now, to whom
are you gonna pray
We're still struggling but we
are okay
Stop pretending that you care
and have a nice day.



sexta-feira, 10 de abril de 2015

Insomnia capitulo XI

Black widow dá-nos as boas vindas na sua
fortaleza da solidão, como esperado este quarto
está bem longe do vulgar. Negro como o breu, sendo ela
uma criatura da noite, não há cama visto que ela dorme
na brilhante e fina teia que ocupa toda a área.
Conseguem-se sentir todas aquelas más memórias e
pensamentos malévolos pairando em volta, sem duvida
que não é o local mais amigável para se estar.

Para os que ainda não estão cientes Black widow for criada
por outra "doll", a nossa cientista D.O.C.
Porém não foi a primeira que D.O.C criou, a primeira foi a
Plague, a Black widow é de certa forma a versão melhorada do
primeiro protótipo. A razão para tal é o facto de ela ter sido criada
sem coração, visto que a D.O.C percebeu que esse orgão é o
causador principal da maioria dos problemas nas suas vidas.
Por isso mesmo esta "doll" é ainda mais especial devido a essa
particularidade única, não existem sentimentos bons, nenhum tipo de
carinho no seu interior.
O mais sábio a fazer nesta situação é mantermo-nos longe do seu
caminho porque podemos facilmente tornarmo-nos na presa. Ela é uma
predadora, não possuí qualquer vestígio de bondade, a palavra misericórdia
não vem no seu dicionário. Foi criada meramente para instalar o caos.   

                                                       "Itsy bitsy spider
                                                        will crawl all over you
                                                        safely asleep
                                                        There's nothing you can do
                                                        The armor is thick
                                                        and the wounds will be deep

                                                        You got caught on the web
                                                        Try to make it out
                                                        No one will hear you
                                                        but go ahead and shout

                                                        I came to deliver your worst nightmare
                                                        I'm your living breathing fear
                                                        it's too much pain for you to bear
                                                        it's just you and me, no one else's here
                                                        What are your final words dear?"

Insomnia Chapter XI

Black widow welcomes us in her fortress of
solitude, as you expected this room is not even
close to being ordinary. Pitch black, because she's a
night creature, there's no bed since she sleeps on the
bright thin web that occupies the entire area.
While inside you can actually feel those bad memories
and wicked thoughts floating all around, indeed this is
not the friendliest place to be at.

For those not aware Black widow was created by another
doll our very own little scientist D.O.C, she wasn't the first
doll she created though, the first one was Plague, Black widow is
in a way a better version of the first prototype, The reason is she was
made without a heart since D.O.C figured out that that organ was the
main reason for all the trouble in their lives.
So this doll is even more special thanks to that unique particularity,
there are no good feelings, no emotions inside of her whatsoever.
The wisest thing to be done here is to keep out of her way 'cause you
can easily become a prey. She's a predator, she carries no kindness, the word
mercy is not on her vocabulary. She was born merely to unleash the chaos.

                                                   " Itsy bitsy spider
                                                     Will crawl all over you
                                                     safely asleep
                                                     There's nothing you can do
                                                     her armor is thick
                                                     and the wounds will be deep

                                                    You got caught on the web
                                                    try to make it out
                                                    No one will hear you
                                                    but go ahead and shout

                                                    I came to deliver your worst nightmare
                                                    I'm your living breathing fear
                                                    it's too much pain for you to bear
                                                    it's just you and me, no one else's here
                                                    what are your final words dear? "


quinta-feira, 9 de abril de 2015

Schhh The stoned people are having a conversation

We just won a battle
So I guess we are ready for war
Who are you messing with?
Do you know who we are?
It's getting a hold of me
it's gaining control
Will they let me into heaven
even with no soul?
Catching those many bullets
for other people
will get you dead dear
Oh come on! You really thought
he was being sincere?!
Get the fuck up! Face each fear !
Chin up ! And walk that walk
They're all so full of talk!

The sky is on fire,
flames swallowing the dark
man that was quite a spark!
The fireworks, the chaos in an
unease mind
Oh love there are stories that we just
can't leave behind;
Well but it always comes to an end
Don't worry my friend
It's not your fault dear
so shake it off !
It's not your fault
let's be sincere
You lack a brain love
but do not fear
we're here
to keep putting up
with your bullshit
that's an old trick,
My oh my sir, thanks for
the consideration
Despicable that lack of
appreciation  !
Here we go
Oh no...
We are not tired of
your speech
not at all
Oh lord how the mighty
do fall
I'm kickin' the bucket
well fuck it!

Oh man the munchies! And
that apple looks so good
Can't remember what I was told
Don't know if I should
But it looks so tasty,
such a pretty red
Damn it why can't I remember
what they've said ??!!!
Temptation always leads the way
I should get back to the dance they must
be wondering if I'm okay
Aren't they?
No, not really 
You are not Princess material silly 
But don't you worry dear 
do not give into fear 
there's something much better at sight 
You just have to keep up that fight
We do not surrender 
So chin up we owe them one last dance 
Those demons don't stand a chance ! 


terça-feira, 7 de abril de 2015

The Christian thing to do ...

They ripped my guts out
Spread them all over the floor;
They never have enough
They keep coming back for more;
Can you believe that you turned out
to be like that?
To think that I had your back;
No more sad clown
You won't bring me down
You only want me around
when you need me

You are mean
torturing me like that
I've got empty promises
and a huge pile of crap
too busy to care
too busy to notice
That I was always there
Shades on 'cause I can't stare
at your eyes
that,only brings up all those lies
I'll stick to that reflexion of those goodbyes;
Shades on and no one knows that the
tough girl still cries:
I'm gonna climb to the top
stay high
get the double sense in it?
No you won't even try...
But she's going places
see all kinds of different faces
staying here will harm my health
Will increase my wrath
I should deviate from your
kind of path
So sad so many years have gone
by and this shit hits the same
What a true shame
We've only got fate to blame
if we don't want to bear it ourselves...

You were doing fine, going
through it
and then suddenly you're gone
that's some messed up shit,
they keep saying that I'm
the one whose wrong
They cannot stand my damned song,
I'll ask how many "yous"
for one of me?
it's your turn now, how is it going to be?
You are all talk and no action
Us listening to each speech is
your delight
you preach like there's no tomorrow
you babble about your own pain
and sorrow
You keep poiting fingers,
'cause that's the Christian thing to do
Well start by pointing them back
at you!
I'm crazy, I'm nuts,
I'm gone
You want war? It's on!
Ah yeah I'm all that ...



sexta-feira, 3 de abril de 2015

Insomnia Capitulo X

É semelhante a uma negra e fria caverna, o que 
faz sentido visto que a vêem como uma heroína
disfarçada, uma vigilante. 
O tipo de vigilante encarregue  de fazer justiça. 
Claro que essa é a perspectiva mais simpática do 
cenário, qualquer outra pessoa vos dirá que ela é a 
vingança em pessoa, na sua forma mais pura, determinada 
a encontrar-te quer estejas preparado ou não. 
A sua sede por vingança é bem conhecida por todos, e ela 
não descansará enquanto a sua missão não estiver completa. 
O único conselho que vos posso dar no que toca a ela é terem 
muito cuidado onde põem os pés pois de certo que não querem 
fazer parte da sua extensa lista negra. Esta assassina de sangue frio, 
cujo propósito é matar e destruir tudo o que se interpõe no seu 
caminho também é dona de uma vasta colecção de troféus de todas as 
suas vitimas trancada numa velha arca. 
É o seu tesouro pessoal no qual ninguém tem permissão para tocar. 

" She lurks in the dark
She hides in the shade
You'll only hear a whisper
and feel the cold blade 

She calls out for justice 
in all their names 
she claims 
The winds have changed"

E se acham que os aposentos de Vinita são assustadores preparem-se enquanto avançamos para o covil da Black Widow.


Insomnia Chapter X

They're pretty much similar to a dark cold cave,
which makes sense since they all see this lady as
some sort of a disguised hero, an avenger.
A kind of vigilante taking care of the need for justice.
Of course that that is the nice perspective of things,
anyone else would tell you that she is nothing more
than revenge in her purest form, out to get you wether
you're ready or not. Her thirst for vengeance is well known
to everyone, and she won't rest till she hunts you down.
The only advice I can give you when it comes to her is to be
very careful where you step in, you surely don't want to be
part of her very long black list. This cold hearted assassin,
which purpose is to kill and destroy whatever gets on her way,
also holds a vast collection of trophies of all their " victims"
locked away in an old trunk. It's her own precious little treasure,
in which no one is allowed to touch.

                                                    " She lurks in the dark
                                                       She hides in the shade
                                                       You'll only hear a whisper
                                                       and feel the cold blade

                                                      She calls out for justice
                                                      in all their names
                                                      She clames
                                                      the winds have changed"

And if you're thinking that Vinita's room is actually scary hold that thought as we move onto Black Widow's lair.

To be continued...

quinta-feira, 2 de abril de 2015

So superb

Thirteen personalities,
some say I'm disturbed
which is so absurd
( eh eh )
Don't mean to brag,
but shorty, I'm so superb !
Stitched smile, sewed buttons
and a story to tell
Some want to be loved,
though used to the hate,
I can tour you down in hell
still love, you lead the way
God knows how I've waited
for this day,
torn heart,
fell apart
thanks to pain, found
their art

Got up, kept testing fate
payed a high price for
each mistake
Learned that it's never
too late
Always real, never a fake !
Couldn't care less about your
opinion silly
Nope, don't give a fuck, really ...
It's my life, my death, safe bet
I'm not giving up, no dear not yet
How did you forget?
A dead dream is always a regret

Do you really love it?
Do you really mean it?
Like same old same old
Yes I 've seen it
Aren't you tired?
of always singing the wrong
damn song
I trully had enough
stand up! We always take it rough!
Stop crying, we know all about it
Now! Get yourself together
grow out of it !
These rhymes were always
written on crooked lines
Yeah, we've been through
some hard times
I do believe we must learn
how to say goodbye properly
I'll wave and wish you all
the best truthfully

Come and find me, the real me
The best and worst I can be
The dark, where you can't see...
Will it hurt?
Only for a bit, but dear
don't worry 'cause I'll be here...