segunda-feira, 20 de abril de 2015

Fortune teller

Is it a gift or a curse?
What if ignoring it,
won't make it go away
She said I must listen
to what they have to say
it gets complicated
'cause there's too much
in this world that is being
They come to me, filled with hopes
and dreams
But nothing is quite as it seems
they expect me to say
that they'll be rich
if I say it's gonna take a
while I'm a bitch
I might as well save the speech !
You must chose if you
are ready or not
for the kind of truth
that I've got!

Some want fame and fortune,
others love
they're waiting for divine intervention
coming from up above,
Some want to live forever
or to find out if the lovers will stay together,
Some have questions, but run
from the answer
I'm sorry but I can't make it
happen faster;
They start shaking at the
sight of death
they go crazy, releasing all
their wrath
but it's not like that
you're not gonna die
well not now anyways
so let's delay the goodbye;
some get sad  that they don't
get to travel a lot
yes it sucks, but it's all
that I've got
Some can't get satisfied no
matter what you say
So they do prefer to walk away
Destiny is a serious matter
I cannot handle it to you on
a silver platter ;
They wish to find out all
about their luck, testing fate
They're all so filled with hate
Can't understand that following
a script is your worse mistake
Don't mean to alarm you but then
it might be too late,
They desire to know if they'll get married or if he's
if he's gonna stay, or if she'll
be leaving
Whose lying, whose my friend,
Please won't you please go
straight to the end
is there a happily ever after?
Do you at least have access to that chapter?
I don't know , maybe I will
one day
I just don't know if it will be today
And you, do you really want to know?
Will you be okay?
'Cause I struggle with that
every step of the way....



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