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Insomnia Chapter X

They're pretty much similar to a dark cold cave,
which makes sense since they all see this lady as
some sort of a disguised hero, an avenger.
A kind of vigilante taking care of the need for justice.
Of course that that is the nice perspective of things,
anyone else would tell you that she is nothing more
than revenge in her purest form, out to get you wether
you're ready or not. Her thirst for vengeance is well known
to everyone, and she won't rest till she hunts you down.
The only advice I can give you when it comes to her is to be
very careful where you step in, you surely don't want to be
part of her very long black list. This cold hearted assassin,
which purpose is to kill and destroy whatever gets on her way,
also holds a vast collection of trophies of all their " victims"
locked away in an old trunk. It's her own precious little treasure,
in which no one is allowed to touch.

                                                    " She lurks in the dark
                                                       She hides in the shade
                                                       You'll only hear a whisper
                                                       and feel the cold blade

                                                      She calls out for justice
                                                      in all their names
                                                      She clames
                                                      the winds have changed"

And if you're thinking that Vinita's room is actually scary hold that thought as we move onto Black Widow's lair.

To be continued...

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