sexta-feira, 10 de abril de 2015

Insomnia Chapter XI

Black widow welcomes us in her fortress of
solitude, as you expected this room is not even
close to being ordinary. Pitch black, because she's a
night creature, there's no bed since she sleeps on the
bright thin web that occupies the entire area.
While inside you can actually feel those bad memories
and wicked thoughts floating all around, indeed this is
not the friendliest place to be at.

For those not aware Black widow was created by another
doll our very own little scientist D.O.C, she wasn't the first
doll she created though, the first one was Plague, Black widow is
in a way a better version of the first prototype, The reason is she was
made without a heart since D.O.C figured out that that organ was the
main reason for all the trouble in their lives.
So this doll is even more special thanks to that unique particularity,
there are no good feelings, no emotions inside of her whatsoever.
The wisest thing to be done here is to keep out of her way 'cause you
can easily become a prey. She's a predator, she carries no kindness, the word
mercy is not on her vocabulary. She was born merely to unleash the chaos.

                                                   " Itsy bitsy spider
                                                     Will crawl all over you
                                                     safely asleep
                                                     There's nothing you can do
                                                     her armor is thick
                                                     and the wounds will be deep

                                                    You got caught on the web
                                                    try to make it out
                                                    No one will hear you
                                                    but go ahead and shout

                                                    I came to deliver your worst nightmare
                                                    I'm your living breathing fear
                                                    it's too much pain for you to bear
                                                    it's just you and me, no one else's here
                                                    what are your final words dear? "


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