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Insomnia Chapter XII

The next room we'll get to visit it's
what we call an ilusion, as they say appearances
are misleading.
At first sight it's a nice, cozy playroom, full of
colors on the walls and shiny toys all over the place.
The ceiling is full with fluorescent stars which provides
a nice view specially if you get to lie down on the
top bunk bed.
It's time to meet who owns this very special room, with
you ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Jack- killa- in- the box.

I bet you are all surprised now, and yes indeed it's a Mr., still a voodoo doll nevertheless. 
Jack is the manly side of that girl, owner of the shredded soul, this happened for a reason, 
she actually learned a lot from the men who crossed her path so one of the shreds was actually able to mold itself into this nice little guy. 
I wish I could tell you that everything runs smoothly in this place but that would be an awful lie. 
Remember that I told you before that appearances can be tricky so here you go, there's actually something sharing Jack's room with him, and it's not a pleasant roommate believe me. 
Are you familiar with that really mean and obnoxious part of your brain that keeps screaming that you're not good enough nor ever will be, that you'll never make it, well that nasty fellow has a name around here. The clown. 

                                                " What have you got that makes you
                                                                        so special?
                                                    What makes you think that you'll 
                                                                    I can make it! 
                                                                   Don't be mean!

                                                                   You're a loser!
                                                               You're going nowhere
                                                               You'll drown in sorrow
                                                                and no one will care 
                                                             Keep trying just for fun
                                                      Nothing! That's what you've won!
                                                           You fool! Keep on believing 
                                                                    if you're willing
                                                             Time's already stealing 
                                                              Each chance from you
                                                                    And guess what
                                                            There's nothing you can do! "

Well if you related to what I 've written it only means that you are human so don't worry, 
Even so this mad clown is not the only aspect with which you'll need to worry about once you get into the room. 
Jack enjoys setting up traps to make sure that no one gets in his domain without the proper invitation. There's always a good laugh guaranteed, specially if he jumps out of his squared box scaring the hell out of you. 

                                                           "I'll count to three 
                                                           It's just you and me  
                                                               Care to play?
                                                                 Follow me 
                                                                  This way...

                                                           My room is packed 
                                                                    with toys 
                                                              What a fun time 
                                                                     we'll have 
                                                              We can play hide 
                                                                     and seek
                                                            I can do a magic trick
                                                             I'll rip your heart out 
                                                              In time for you to 
                                                            hear your own shout
                                                            Now close your eyes 
                                                          and pay attention to the  
                                                               bedtime lullabies..."

       To be continued ....

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