terça-feira, 28 de abril de 2015

On the edge

I'm driving myself crazy wondering where you are
This passion has already driven me too far
I'm on the edge of breaking down
My feet are unable to touch the ground
I'm looking for a particular face in this crowd
My heart's screaming too loud !
Can you hear it? It's beating like a drum
Love came, I wasn't playing stupid I was really dumb
My legs became weak, my chest went numb
I couldn't speak or even put a sentence together
And when it comes to you I'm set on forever !
I knew it was a mistake to fall in love with you
But now that I'm already here what can I do?
Nowadays you can find me curled up in a corner
Missing you, crying over you and not in that exact order
I'm looking like shit, but why bother?
Nobody notices, nobody even cares
About all of those broken promises and empty vows
I'm rambling in this empty house full of memories of the past
Those ghosts once warned me that love isn't meant to last...

Us two? ! There's no way we could ever be just friends
the whole world already knows how this story ends
Nothing but fading feelings and a busted heart
I do believe that it's best for both of us to part
The castle will be nothing but a dusty pile of stones
I'm gonna end up hurt again I can feel it in my bones
Tears will be gone in a certain amount of time
And everybody but me will forget this love crime...

One step right off the cliff
On pursuit of that old what if?
But hope's not gone at least not yet
We all wish what we can't have and underestimate what we get
I dreamt of a prince and fell for a frog
We knew it was love right there on the prolog
Too young to understand too old to believe
Too insecure to risk it and so many goals to achieve
Too proud to give up, too crazy to win
living in my own world, that's where I've been
Love is a funny thing actually, there's a story behind
so many foolishness in his name, and it's trully blind
I tried to shake it off, 'cause I'm definetly not fine
but everytime he smiles I gain strength to fight in order to make him mine
I'm living based on a deadly sin
I envy anyone who stands too close to him
I will remember all of those good moments till the day I die
The same exact day where my last breath is my last try
Loving you one last time before the final goodbye...

MKS - Lil' Missy

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