sábado, 25 de abril de 2015

Panic room

They keep knocking on my door,
those nasty demons
They always come back for more
Can't quite exorcise these ghosts,
Everyday my brain hosts
A complete massacre, a painful
So much chaos in one single imagination
A paralel universe
A shriller scream in each verse
Not sure if it's a blessing
or a damn curse
Amazingly it can always get worse
So I chose to go big
or go home; all the way
I'm just going to take it
one day
at a time,
I'll be fine...

I'm just fucked up in the head
those monsters are no longer
under my bed
They're right here, driving
me mad
Oh dear this is bad
it's too much and all at once
you're all sorry, does it make a difference?
It stings, it hurts
But it fades
Crazyness has it's perks!

He said, she said, so they told me
And now you're screaming
how the hell can this be?
It's a slap on your face, you
can't outrun karma baby
You have nothing on me
I'm so out of your league;
with so little space on this planet
it's amazing that you're still allowed to breathe
How can you look at yourself
on the mirror?
Spit on that reflexion, is
it getting any clearer?
It's grotesque, the way you
boss everyone around
We won't kiss nor worship
the damn ground
you walk on, you are not holy,
nor sacred
You're not loved, you're hated
you're not our friend, you are
our sworn enemy
You don't scare anybody,
You're just being silly
You'll never see a victory
on this war
You forget how crazy we are
You think you are so smart,
but you forget
How awful is the taste of regret
it's not too late, but you just
don't care
You actually think you're being fair
the whole world is wrong and get
to be right
you and your outstanding insight!
You don't know shit, not even
how to fight!
I pity you, and that's sad alright...



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