terça-feira, 21 de abril de 2015

Queen with no king

God forgive us all, I admit that I'm
addicted to sin
I'm continually lost, you wonder
where I've been
Vacation in hell, unimaginable tortures
and burning pain
I got to the point I could barely
remember my name
The devil warned me before
that you were a dangerous game
We are two of a kind, exactly the same
So I've got myself as the only one to blame !
There's shattered glass all over the place
The last thing I forgot was your damn face,
I got caught in this senseless maze called love
The cupid's laughing is ass off watching it all
from above
He's never gonna face me , he's sure he'll lose
I collect scars in my heart, he's nothing but
a nasty bruise

I lied still in the fire through aching torments
They made me watch all of our best moments
I got to the point that everytime I closed my eyes
I relived all of those heartbreaking goodbyes
I can never recognize the truth after all these lies
I'm surrounded by doubts and permanent whys
Why do you keep feeding this ilusion?
I got lost in the realms  of confusion
Brought to my knees about to confess
that no matter what, I can't get myself to love you any less

The kingdom is tumbling down
The queen has resigned her crown
Her king is nowhere to be found
I'm losing my mind, I'm far away from the ground
I stand still while the world keeps going around
They keep screaming long live the queen
but I'm a mere shadow of who I've been
The battlefield is soaked in blood
I've lost it all in the name of love ...
White horse my ass, he's obviously a no show
We're not destined to be so I'd better go;
I was pretty sure that you were the missing piece
that true hero carrying that true kiss
Yes I was a fool enough to believe in all of this
Then again here I am commited to this diss
I will regain my throne, and hold my chin up
Why should I care when you obviously don't give a fuck!
Peter Pan you should really consider to grow up
You're without a doubt a case of misfortune and bad luck
So people raise your glasses, baby lift your cup
I'm done fighting over you, so you'd better duck
I won't defend you no more
I'm closing for good this damn door
Go on move along
I'm done trying it to get it right
when it's clearly meant to be wrong
I only ask for forgiveness if this ends up
to be your last song
Against myself I hardly fought
And what do I have got?
Chaos and unhapiness that's all you ever brought
I'm leaving in the morning whether you are ready or not !

Bloody Queen ( MKS )

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