quarta-feira, 15 de abril de 2015


Queen of my imaginary dogtown,
lit my joint
it's a doggy- dog world
so what's the point?
They're feeding us lies
look at her ! She no
longer tries...
Generation fuck up
'cause we still try to bend
our own lousy luck
I do sabotage myself most
of the times, but still
I will never surrender my
power of will
I'm very much aware of what
I'm worth, and at the end of the day
only the true ones, the worthy ones,
will be able to stay,
I don't discriminate
because my hate
is big enough to all of you
So guess what I'll do
I'll share
I do care
I worry, 'cause life's not fair
You said you would be there...

Tell me can you really handle
my dark side?
Didn't think so,
but you're welcome for the ride
Nowadays couldn't care less
come on, just look at this mess
So now I don't give a fuck
about your feelings
that door is shut
so shut the fuck up!
There's a special part of my
hatred saved for mankind
Everything is lost for you
So what can you find?
I've already killed you a
thousand times in my dreams
the sunrise brings you back
day after day
Why can't I just cast you
I gave up on telling you what
I feel
You won't listen anyway...
The debt collectors have come
we must pay
It's too late now, to whom
are you gonna pray
We're still struggling but we
are okay
Stop pretending that you care
and have a nice day.



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