quinta-feira, 9 de abril de 2015

Schhh The stoned people are having a conversation

We just won a battle
So I guess we are ready for war
Who are you messing with?
Do you know who we are?
It's getting a hold of me
it's gaining control
Will they let me into heaven
even with no soul?
Catching those many bullets
for other people
will get you dead dear
Oh come on! You really thought
he was being sincere?!
Get the fuck up! Face each fear !
Chin up ! And walk that walk
They're all so full of talk!

The sky is on fire,
flames swallowing the dark
man that was quite a spark!
The fireworks, the chaos in an
unease mind
Oh love there are stories that we just
can't leave behind;
Well but it always comes to an end
Don't worry my friend
It's not your fault dear
so shake it off !
It's not your fault
let's be sincere
You lack a brain love
but do not fear
we're here
to keep putting up
with your bullshit
that's an old trick,
My oh my sir, thanks for
the consideration
Despicable that lack of
appreciation  !
Here we go
Oh no...
We are not tired of
your speech
not at all
Oh lord how the mighty
do fall
I'm kickin' the bucket
well fuck it!

Oh man the munchies! And
that apple looks so good
Can't remember what I was told
Don't know if I should
But it looks so tasty,
such a pretty red
Damn it why can't I remember
what they've said ??!!!
Temptation always leads the way
I should get back to the dance they must
be wondering if I'm okay
Aren't they?
No, not really 
You are not Princess material silly 
But don't you worry dear 
do not give into fear 
there's something much better at sight 
You just have to keep up that fight
We do not surrender 
So chin up we owe them one last dance 
Those demons don't stand a chance ! 


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