quinta-feira, 2 de abril de 2015

So superb

Thirteen personalities,
some say I'm disturbed
which is so absurd
( eh eh )
Don't mean to brag,
but shorty, I'm so superb !
Stitched smile, sewed buttons
and a story to tell
Some want to be loved,
though used to the hate,
I can tour you down in hell
still love, you lead the way
God knows how I've waited
for this day,
torn heart,
fell apart
thanks to pain, found
their art

Got up, kept testing fate
payed a high price for
each mistake
Learned that it's never
too late
Always real, never a fake !
Couldn't care less about your
opinion silly
Nope, don't give a fuck, really ...
It's my life, my death, safe bet
I'm not giving up, no dear not yet
How did you forget?
A dead dream is always a regret

Do you really love it?
Do you really mean it?
Like same old same old
Yes I 've seen it
Aren't you tired?
of always singing the wrong
damn song
I trully had enough
stand up! We always take it rough!
Stop crying, we know all about it
Now! Get yourself together
grow out of it !
These rhymes were always
written on crooked lines
Yeah, we've been through
some hard times
I do believe we must learn
how to say goodbye properly
I'll wave and wish you all
the best truthfully

Come and find me, the real me
The best and worst I can be
The dark, where you can't see...
Will it hurt?
Only for a bit, but dear
don't worry 'cause I'll be here...



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