terça-feira, 7 de abril de 2015

The Christian thing to do ...

They ripped my guts out
Spread them all over the floor;
They never have enough
They keep coming back for more;
Can you believe that you turned out
to be like that?
To think that I had your back;
No more sad clown
You won't bring me down
You only want me around
when you need me

You are mean
torturing me like that
I've got empty promises
and a huge pile of crap
too busy to care
too busy to notice
That I was always there
Shades on 'cause I can't stare
at your eyes
that,only brings up all those lies
I'll stick to that reflexion of those goodbyes;
Shades on and no one knows that the
tough girl still cries:
I'm gonna climb to the top
stay high
get the double sense in it?
No you won't even try...
But she's going places
see all kinds of different faces
staying here will harm my health
Will increase my wrath
I should deviate from your
kind of path
So sad so many years have gone
by and this shit hits the same
What a true shame
We've only got fate to blame
if we don't want to bear it ourselves...

You were doing fine, going
through it
and then suddenly you're gone
that's some messed up shit,
they keep saying that I'm
the one whose wrong
They cannot stand my damned song,
I'll ask how many "yous"
for one of me?
it's your turn now, how is it going to be?
You are all talk and no action
Us listening to each speech is
your delight
you preach like there's no tomorrow
you babble about your own pain
and sorrow
You keep poiting fingers,
'cause that's the Christian thing to do
Well start by pointing them back
at you!
I'm crazy, I'm nuts,
I'm gone
You want war? It's on!
Ah yeah I'm all that ...



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